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    Pretty sure you need to confirm that critical hit first.

    I'll take care of the confirmation roll for you just to keep things moving, if you don't mind: (1d20+3)[11] vs. Giggles Touch.
    That'll just (barely) do 'er! Fry half-orc, fry!

    Also, for splash weapons the target if hit only takes the direct hit damage, not the direct hit + splash (otherwise Alchemists would be insane given their splash damage is the minimum of a direct hit!)

    From the rules - "A hit deals direct hit damage to the target, and splash damage to all creatures within 5 feet of the target."

    I can see how the use of "all creatures within 5 feet of the target" could be interpreted to include the target itself as well, but I believe the intent is for target & "all creatures within 5 feet" to be two separate things.

    Edit: Also, while technically you are under no direct threat with Giggles and Thug #4 at the bottom of a pit, I'm going to say that you are technically still in combat, and thus "rushed or hurried" and cannot Take 10 on Heal checks as a result.
    Once Giggles is dealt with, then I'd say you can Take 10 again.
    Not sure how I feel about that but I'd rather not set a precedent of "as soon as the bad guys are CC'd, you can do whatever you want".

    Also, it's your turns again, as Giggles makes the least-effective threat ever.
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