Spoiler: Quinn
Argoth goes into a trance-like state for a minute before Quinn feels her presence in his mind. The sensation is jarring, and Quinn gets the feeling that she could access any corner of his mind if she wanted to, however she keeps focused on the memories of his dream. Quinn doesn't hear her voice in his head, but he senses her consciousness asking questions about the dream. As Quinn thinks about the dream, he realizes he can block Argoth learning the answers if he concentrates hard enough, or even lead her to believe false things about the memory. However, if he is willing to let her read the memory fully, there is no reason to fight it.

Spoiler: OOC
Argoth is telepathically 'viewing' the memory of the dream, but she can only see what Quinn allows based on what questions she is asking of him. What the questions are specifically doesn't really matter right now, she mostly just wants to see the dream first-hand rather than having you describe it verbally. You would normally get a will save to stop the effect initially, but even if you fail, you can bluff the answers. If her sense motive fails, she learns nothing, and if she fails by 5+ you can give her misleading information.

Once the spell ends, Argoth returns to her normal state. There is a long pause where she simply looks to be thinking. She messages on the board again, "W-E M-U-S-T S-L-E-E-P". Caelus looks at her and exclaims, "What? No! We don't have time for this. What did you learn? I need to know what they can do, why they are so valuable." Argoth looks at him with disdain, and messages "M-O-R-E T-I-M-E". Caelus shakes his head and says, "No. Let's go. What a waste of money. Stupid old cripple." He stands up, looking disgusted, and motions for the three of you to follow him out.