Argoth gives Caelus a scathing look, then messages, "O-N-E N-I-G-H-T. I S-P-E-A-K I-N D-R-E-A-M-S." Caelus regards her skeptically, but finally sighs, "Fine. One night. It had better be worth it. And I'm leaving some men here to keep watch. These three are still beholden to me, and I want to make sure they don't take off on me while I'm busy." Argoth inclines her head to him slightly, though the look in her eye remains. She whispers something to herself and presently three of Caelus' men wander into the salon, marveling at the surroundings. Caelus raises an eyebrow at Argoth, but just rolls with it. "You three are to remain on guard and make sure our friends here don't get lost. I'll send a fresh rotation in around midnight. I will be returning in the morning to retrieve them." The men reply in unison with a sharp "Yes, sir!"
Caelus gives a final look at each of you before turning around and departing.

Shortly thereafter, the receptionist enters the room and addresses the three of you after sparing an annoyed look for the captain's men. As he talks, he moves around the back of the room where there is a small kitchenette. He seems to be preparing tea, of all things.
"You may address me as Mister Colville. Madame Argoth is intrigued by the nature of your dreams and wishes to investigate further. In order to do so properly, you must drink a very special tea. This tea will make your dreams feel much more real than normal, but Madame Argoth will be with you. I must also warn you that the tea is very expensive and moderately addictive. Your captain has agreed to the price, and you are all expected to imbibe. If you succumb to addiction and it does not resolve itself naturally, we do have the ability to cure it. However, that is even more expensive than the tea, so we only use it as a last resort." He moves methodically, but quickly as he goes about his work. "The tea will put you to sleep, so please get comfortable and lay back on the recliners." There is a few minutes yet before the tea will be ready, during which Argoth simply studies the three of you, and there is some time to ask any questions or raise concerns if there are any.