Holy cow, thanks for this. I just read the pricing rules in the DMG for the first time and... whoever wrote them should be embarrassed, honestly.

500gp for a Broom of Flying, 50,000gp for a Potion of Flying, and 500,000gp for Sovereign Glue.

I get that their aim was to avoid putting a price tag on everything so that items feel more "magical" and less like things you buy at Walmart, and I respect that goal. They just went about it in a horrible way that, frankly, makes me question the credentials of whoever wrote that chapter of the DMG. Was it ever even proofread by a designer? Did ANYONE do a 2nd pass on it? I could have done a better job pricing items when I was 6 years old.

Anyway, thanks OP, and thanks to whoever made that PDF. You did a far better job than the professional WotC writers did.