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    "Business is business," Mister Colville replies, "It's considered a premium service, above and beyond our usual. And we're honest and upfront about it, so people know what they are paying for. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you pre-emptively."

    When Joe starts talking to himself, everyone turns and looks at him. Mister Colville says sharply, "There will be no bloodshed here." Argoth looks at Joe intently, apparently concentrating.

    Spoiler: OOC Joe
    Joe must roll a DC 17 Will save or have his thoughts read. Also, Joe does not have his scythe. Caelus said it would be too conspicuous, so he had you leave it on the ship, and he gave you a short sword instead so you would blend in with his men better. And then Mr. Colville had you leave all your weapons in the reception area before you came in to see the madame.
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