"Racism springs from ignorance."

Half-Goblins generally are taller than a Goblin, but shorter than a Human. While their features are a mix of the two, they have human eyes, and can easily pass for human in the right light.

+2 Dex, -2 Cha
Size Class: Medium
Humanoid with the Goblinoid and Human Subtypes
Base speed 30 ft.
Dark Vision 60'
Mixed Blood: A Half-Goblin is considered both Human and Goblin for purposes of things that would affect either race (spells, items, etc).
Half-Goblins automatically speak Common and Goblin. Bonus languages include Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, Elven, and Orc.
Level Adjustment: +0
Favored Class: Fighter

Adulthood: 14
Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +1d4
Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +1d6
Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +2d6

Middle Age: 30
Old: 45
Venerable: 60
Maximum Age: +2d10 years

Base Height: Male: 4'7" Female: 4'5"
Height Modifier: +2d8 inches
Base Weight: Male: 100 lbs. Female: 80 lbs.
Weight Modifier: x(2d4) lbs.

A lot of your people make decent Rogues, but eschew the class for emotional reasons. For some reason many of you believe Fighter is the best and most obvious way to prove yourself to your parents.
Adventuring Race: Half-Goblins go on adventures for a variety of reasons. Many of them do so for redemption, in an ill advised quest to make up for the sins of the Goblin race. Most do it as a way of finding acceptance in a world that despises them.
Character Development: You will have few allies. Try to be as resourceful, and as flexible as you can.
Character Names: Half-Goblins use either Human or Goblin names depending on which parent they live with.

If you're raised by Humans you feel the need to prove you're trustworthy, and have rejected evil. If you were raised by Goblins, you feel the need to prove you are one of them. Either way, you have a long, hard road ahead of you.
Personality: Half-Goblins tend to have strong levels of paranoia and anxiety.
Behaviors: Half-Goblins generally try to remain as far beneath the notice of others as possible, as being on anyone's radar generally means bad times ahead for them.
Language: Half-Goblins use the language of the parent who raised them.

Half-Goblins are the ultimate outcasts, as no one wants anything to do with them, and as a result they either have no cultural ties, or perhaps form a small subculture of their own. Generally they're spiritually and socially adrift.
Alignment : Half-Goblins trend towards being completely Neutral. They reject the evil of the Goblinoids, and few who claim to be 'Good' have ever treated them well.
Lands : Half-Goblins are usually restricted to the Icewind Dale or the Dustwall Mountains.
Settlements : Half-Goblins don't like to spread out, their only strength is in numbers..
Beliefs : Half-Goblins tend to worship the same pantheon as the parent they ended up with.
Relations: Half-Goblins are the target of pretty virulent racism. Both parent races despise them, as they consider their parents traitors. Half-Orc's live with the stigma that they are most likely the product of non-consent, but the majority of humanoids cannot believe a Goblin could force a human, so the relationship must be a willing one. Which means they're traitors, and the Half-Goblin is a walking incarnation of their perceived betrayal. It's obvious hokum, but the belief steadfastly persists.

A lynch mob is out to get your tribe due to recent Goblin raids. You have been assigned to get the Goblins to stop molesting the human settlements by sabotaging their efforts.
Another lynch mob blames you for various crimes you are innocent of, and you're off, fleeing the law while trying to prove your innocence.
Yet another lynch mob wants you and your family dead just because you exist. You intend to smuggle the family out of the city, and then maybe get some justice.

Half-Goblin Racial Feats

You are dedicated to opposing evil, especially evil goblinoids.
Prerequisites: Half-Goblin, Good Alignment
Benefits: You gain a +2 Morale Bonus on Attack rolls against anything not of Good Alignment.

Your struggle against Evil continues.
Prerequisites: Redeemer
Benefits: You gain a +2 Morale Bonus on Damage rolls against anything not of Good Alignment.

Sometimes you go under cover.
Prerequisites: Devout, Bluff 4 ranks
Benefits: You gain a a +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks agaisnt Goblinoids.

Goblin Dodge
Even in armor you're adept at dodging blows.
Prerequisites: Half-Goblin, Dodge
Benefits: Your Dodge Bonus is now against all Opponents, not just one.

Half-Goblin Racial Substitution Levels

Level 4: Replace Fighter Feat with Armored Versatility.
Armored Versatility (Ex): The Armor Check Penalty of Armor you wear is decreased by 2.

Level 4: Replace Summon Familiar with Evasion (Same as the Rogue Ability)

Level 4: Add Goblin Dodge to the list of Bonus Feats you can take.