Dinosaur, Bloodstriker

Another dinosaur! This one's Large, has 9 RHD, and is defensively oriented. That said, it has actually interesting abilities, so let's take a look!

Strength and constitution are decent, all other stats are awfully low. A 20 ft. burrow speed has some uses, free Powerful Charge is neat, and +10 natural armor is hardly unimpressive, but overall the chassis disappoints.

The bloodstriker has three special abilities aside from low-light vision. First of them is Blood Squirt (the ability to spray lines of acidic blood each 1d4 rounds): an attempt at an offensive ability that deals pitifully low damage. Even against hordes of weak opponents the ability is unlikely to score significant kills.

The other two abilities are both defensive: Caustic Blood deals acid damage to melee attackers not using manufactured reach weapons, and Spiked Skin adds 1d8+6 piercing and slashing damage to that. The only real difference between the abilities is that Caustic Blood only activates on successful attacks, while Spiked Skin also damages if the triggering attack misses.

However, with little to no offensive presence (an 1d8 bite hasn't been adequate for a long time), and no way to draw in enemy attacks, the bloodstriker will probably end up being ignored by foes in favor of squishier targets, leaving it mostly useless. -0 LA.