The dracotaur, a monster that'll hopefully incite less debate on the precise anatomy of its extremities. They have 3 dragon-type RHD (interestingly enough less than a centaur's 4), which is a pretty good chassis HD-wise.

Their stats are reasonable for a Large creature. 18 strength, 12 dexterity, and 16 constitution are nice to have, and the +2 intelligence and charisma don't hurt either. +5 natural armor and a 50 ft. base movement rate only sweeten the deal. Their natural bite and tail slap don't deal a lot of damage but a nice additions to their wielded weapon.

Dracotaurs have a single special attack: the ability to hurl globs of flaming sludge for low damage and lower splash damage. I suppose it beats carrying bows around everywhere.

Skill-wise, they get racial bonuses to Balance, Jump, and Swim. Also notable is the fact that UMD is a class skill for dracotaurs.

Unfortunately, dracotaurs lack what makes their equine cousins great rather than merely good: easy access to mounted feats (something something Spirited Charge).

Even so, with only 3 (very good) RHD, the ability to wield weapons, Large size, good strength and a powerful chassis, I think +1 LA can be justified here. A case for +0 could also be made, and I look forward to that debate.