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Yeah.. its not like Arcswat is not also at least helping clear up after themselves.
But im not certain if they are meant to do disaster relief stuff or not.
I mean.. the unfeeling part of me says "thats a weakness in the organisation. If i were a super villain then i could use it to draw the team away to the opposite coast while i steal New York.
Thats why there are several teams worth of arcswat members. Remember we dont have heatwave, amorphus, achilles, math, anvil, peggy, or the other harems here right now. Also, arcswat was formed under the assumption that there arent a ton of combat capable supers out there, even fewer who actually want to be bad guys. So a few confrontations a year at most, since there will presumably not be easily escapable jails in this setting (or afterlifes) means they will have plenty of time to help with earthquakes, forest fires, etc etc etc.