A strange, unpleasant feeling washes over Quinn. His steps are plodding and slow, and he feels somehow clumsier. It's as though much of the strength he had gained in the few days since the dream had abandoned him. He looks down in surprise at his bare feet. It felt almost as though the dream world had taken more than just his boots.

He continues on, keeping an eye out for a spare bit of cloth with which he might wrap his feet and trying to ignore the spider. When he spots the person in the turban he stops. "Who are you? What is this place?"

Spoiler: OOC
So with Quinn's boots gone (in addition to his cloak from earlier) he has now lost his remaining three mental focus points and can no longer cast spells from the transmutation school. He will have also lost the resonant power from his boots, which means his DEX drops by 2 points to 14.

You've gotta stop taking all Quinn's clothes away Aeryk! He's nothing without his fancy threads!