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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookshw View Post
    Even as a noun we're still stuck with the repetitive use of fear as part of the definition.
    I'm using the exact dictionary.com page you linked to. Then I looked at synonyms, just to make sure.
    One synonym for one meaning (5; noun) of the word, is fear.
    Other synonyms for other meanings of the word (11; adjective), is dire, dreadful, and horrible.

    So, I was wrong. It isn't being used as a noun. But when used as an adjective, is it more common to not mean fear. Which is what I said at the start. Then I second guessed myself. Now I'm back to my original meaning. Turns out, words have multiple meanings depending on context. That is, Dread doesn't always mean fear. The dictionary.com reference you used even says as much.

    You can know that a thing is bad without necessarily being afraid of it.

    I dread going to work. I am definitely not afraid of going to work.

    You know Space Marines don't afraid of anything. So, with context...Maybe, just maybe, it's the other meaning of the word. Especially if it's being used as an adjective. Which it probably is.
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