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The lizardman takes one bottle of sauce, sniffs it, then pours some onto his meat. "He murdered three of my kin." There's a pause, as Kothar eats. "The food tastes good. How much costs it?"
Itís (a perfectly reasonable cost that the lizardman can easily afford).

Something to drink?

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The man smiles, the brim of his hat sitting low enough the rest of his face stays covered.

"Lookin' fer work, actually. Bounty hunter by trade. Know anyone who needs someone found and is willin' ta' pay a good price?"

He takes the cigar from his mouth, and taps it into the bowl, then takes a heavy drag, exhaling the smoke away from the bartender and the gentleman who'd taken a seat next to him. He nods in greeting towards the reptilian humanoid.
Canít say that I do, perhaps my boss might, but not me personally.