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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Fluff Discussion XV: You Must Be THIS Tall To Witness The Grimdark

    Are there not still references to the Old Ones being reptilian? I definitely recall it being heavily implied that they were biologically related to the Slann in previous editions.

    The understanding I've always had is that the Old Ones were a flesh-and-blood race of super-advanced aliens from the material universe, the C'Tan were a plasma-and-magnetic-fields race of the same, and the gods of the races the Old Ones created are the Warp echoes of how they mythologised the Old One/C'Tan war (plus a whole bunch of later developments too). Certainly the Orks don't make any equivalence between Gork/Mork and the Brainboyz.

    My personal headcanon is also that "Old Ones" is a very literal description and the Old Ones were just very mature Slann. The 1st Generation Slann of WFB could destroy armies of daemons and realign continents with their minds, and the Old Ones were already mature space captains/explorers when those Slann were tadpoles. Add that to the description of them as being reptilian/cold-blooded and the Old Ones as minus 10th generation Slann seems pretty plausible.
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