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    Default Re: What's Left of the MagCave II: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    There are a couple interesting problems that arise once this Magtok arrives at the entrance. The first one is that somebody's done his work for him - the entrance has been opened, and cleared of vines and moss alike. The plants lay in two neat piles on each side of the gate.

    The second problem is the response to his calling out - or rather, the lack thereof. Not even a cyberwolf growl. Everything is eerily silent-

    "Hey! Sorry, whoever you are, but you're probably not gonna want to come in here! Bunch of weird monsters, site's not clear..." Well. Whatever that voice belonged to, it devolves into indistinct mumbling, as a couple of soft orange lights materialize at opposite corners of what looks like the foyer.
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