Magtok might notice a couple of bodies laid beside a wall - two cyberwolves, sparking from the holes in their necks. A small yellow flag has been put up next to them. And once he's further into the foyer, he'll have a much easier time seeing just who that voice belongs to. There's a woman in the foyer, a little on the small side, that's creating magical lights from nothing and letting them hover in the air. It's pretty easy to see that she isn't quite human - her blue-grey skin, the dark scales on the sides of her face, and the similarly colored horns and lizard-looking tail all attest to that. She's dressed to travel, with black pants and boots, and a brown long-sleeved shirt. The woman holds a large journal of some kind, keeping it open as she puts the lights up.

She finally stops mumbling to herself to see Magtok, and she... sighs? "You adventurers never listen. Look, I don't care if you're here for loot or the thrills. This is a historical site, and I need to make sure it's safe before I start cataloging what I can find."