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    Default Re: What's Left of the MagCave II: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    "Yeah, a historical site. Do I need to go slow for you?" The woman throws up a few more lights before she's satisfied with the level of light in the room. They wouldn't last forever - lights like this could only take so much aether - but they'd work until she could find something more permanent. Maybe she could grab some lamps, or even turn on the power if she was really lucky and that still worked okay.

    Magtok's reveal would've been quite dramatic, and revealing - if the woman he's revealing himself to knew anything about him, or the owner of this cave besides "scientist guy." So instead of reacting with fear, admiration, or perhaps fangirling, she just sees this weirdo stand on his helmet, and is just confused. "Look, fine, this is your place. Whatever. It's still crawling with monsters and robots and robotic monsters, and that peashooter of yours isn't gonna do much. So just go back where it's safe and let me do my jo-"

    Aaaaand Magtok is just walking ahead of her. She walks ahead to catch up with him. "Please, like I'd let you kick me out. This world is crazy enough as is, and nobody's recording anything about places like this that have been abandoned or destroyed. How do people like you expect to survive without learning from the lessons of those that didn't?" She turns a page of her journal and touches a few spots of ink. She briefly glows with a white-red energy, before it dissipates once more.

    She hasn't made much progress past the foyer. There's only so much she can do on her own, and she actually spent more time clearing paths than fighting those two cyberwolves.
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