"Relax, we're on the ground floor. Things don't get really nasty until about the fifth or sixth, unless Rhode and Leslie are lurking around here somewhere, or if you hear geese honking. If the lasgeese have made it all the way back up, your best bet is probably to toss some bread and find somewhere to hide. Maybe cast a fireproofing spell, if you have one," Magtok advises, before pressing his back up against a wall, standing beside the door. Beyond this door is a hallway, and in that hallway, there's an elevator, a staircase, the cafeteria and a bedroom. That elevator shaft and/or those stairs are vital to our advancement through the rest of the MagCave, and that cafeteria needs to be cleared out with extreme prejudice. No doubt the cyberwolves have been congregating there, tearing open all the canned rations with their horrible cyborg teeth, and feasting on anything they can find.

"I'm just going to slowly open the door, peek down the hallway, and-" There's a loud thump from the hallway on the other side of the door. It's followed by another thump, rattling the entire foyer as it reverberates across the building. By the third thump, Magtok has completely given up on his plans to open that door, and is scurrying away in the opposite direction, gun drawn as he tries to put as much distance between himself and the spooky hallway as he can, whilst still keeping his weapon centered on the door so he can strike when the thing finally arrives. There's only a small handful of things that could fit in that hallway and still make the building shake like that, and none of them are friendly.