In retrospect, Magtok probably should've barricaded that door with something before he ran off. If not that, then at the very least, he should've closed the door, just in case whatever's on the other side doesn't have opposable thumbs or the necessary muscle to knock the door off its hinges. That might've made everything a lot simpler. Instead, we have a dire cyberwolf walking in. The snarling beast is about six feet tall, half-starved, and in a really bad mood. This might have something to do with a certain archaeologist murdering her children. Or maybe those dead cyberwolves aren't its kids, and it's the big ol' ball and chain tied to its leg that's upsetting the beast so much. The thing keeps echoing all across the building every time the cyberwolf tries to jump, carving a massive scar into the floor whenever it chooses to run, and just generally being completely unbearable. Either way, however, the animal is angry as hell, and it's going to take that anger out on any cyborgs or lizards it can catch, preferably starting with Asaigh.

Meanwhile, everyone's seventh-favorite cyborg (we just did another popularity poll, the dire cyberwolf has a bigger fanbase) is busy panicking, as cynophobia has always been one of his greatest weaknesses. He's not comfortable around small, domesticated terriers. He's deeply unsettled by pit bulls and german shepherds. Ordinary wolves are bad news, cyberwolves are completely terrifying, and this big ****ing mountain of a beast? It's a big ol' NOPE NO **** NO SORRY I'M DONE. Ball-and-chain or not, that thing's could probably snap him in half with one bite. Sorry, archaeologist lady, it was nice knowing you. Magtok will try to contact your next of kin if he can remember to run away before the gargantuan beast finishes ripping and tearing your guts.