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Race: Deepwyrm Half-Drow
Build Stub: Drow Feat Rogue 1/Truenamer 4/Hoardstealer 3/Truenamer +7/Hoardstealer +5
Multiclass Penalty: No.
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Undercommon, Drow Sign Language, Terran
Alignment: NE
Ability Scores:
Ability Score Racial (Points) Increases
Strength 8 (0)
Dexterity 14 (6)
Constitution 12 (4)
Intelligence 18 (16) 4th/8th/12th/16th/20th
Wisdom 8 (0)
Charisma 14 (6)

Spoiler: Build Progression

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Drow Feat Rogue 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 Appraise 4, Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft:Poison 4, DisDev 4, Escape Artist 4, Hide 4, MoveSilent 4, OpenLock 4, Search 4, Tumble 4, UMD 4 Hidden Talent, Quick Draw Poison Use ACF (Drow of the Underdark), Martial Rogue ACF (UA)
2nd Truenamer 1 +0 +0 +2 +2 Appraise 4, Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft:Poison 5(+1), DisDev 4, Escape Artist 4, Hide 4, MoveSilent 4, OpenLock 4, Search 5(+2cc), Truespeak 5(+5), Tumble 4, UMD 4 Know Personal Truename
3rd Truenamer 2 +1 +0 +2 +3 Appraise 5(+2cc), Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 4, Escape Artist 4, Hide 6(+2), MoveSilent 6(+2), OpenLock 4, Search 6(+2cc), Truespeak 5, Tumble 4, UMD 4 Guerrilla Warrior Knowledge Focus (Arcana)
4th Truenamer 3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Appraise 7(+4cc), Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 4, Escape Artist 4, Hide 7(+1), MoveSilent 7(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 7(+2cc), Truespeak 5, Tumble 4, UMD 4
5th Truenamer 4 +3 +1 +3 +4 Appraise 8(+2cc), Balance 4, Bluff 4, Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 4, Escape Artist 4, Hide 8(+1), MoveSilent 8(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 8(+2cc), Truespeak 7(+2), Tumble 4, UMD 4
6th Hoardstealer 1 +3 +1 +5 +4 Appraise 8, Balance 5(+1), Bluff 5(+1), Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 9(+5), Escape Artist 4, Hide 9(+1), MoveSilent 9(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 9(+1), Truespeak 7, Tumble 4, UMD 4 Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Gnome Calculus Darkvision 30', Trapfinding
7th Hoardstealer 2 +4 +1 +6 +4 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 10(+1), Escape Artist 4, Hide 10(+1), MoveSilent 10(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 10(+1), Truespeak 7, Tumble 4, UMD 10(+6) Hide from Dragons 1/day
8th Hoardstealer 3 +5 +2 +6 +5 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 2(+4cc), Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 11(+1), Escape Artist 4, Hide 11(+1), MoveSilent 11(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 11(+1), Truespeak 7, Tumble 5(+2cc), UMD 11(+1) Trap Sense +2, Deep Pockets
9th Truenamer 5 +5 +2 +6 +5 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 3(+1), Craft:Poison 5, DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 2(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 12(+5), Tumble 5, UMD 12(+1) Extend Supernatural Ability
10th Truenamer 6 +6 +3 +7 +6 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 6(+3), Craft:Poison 7(+2), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 4(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 13(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 13(+1) Truename Research
11th Truenamer 7 +7 +3 +7 +6 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 9(+3), Craft:Poison 9(+2), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 6(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 14(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 14(+1) Knowledge Focus (Arcana x2)
12th Truenamer 8 +8 +3 +7 +7 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 12(+3), Craft:Poison 11(+2), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 8(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 15(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 15(+1) Darkstalker, Recitation of the Sanguine State Bonus Recitation Feat
13th Truenamer 9 +8 +4 +8 +7 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 14(+2), Craft:Poison 14(+3), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 10(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 16(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 16(+1) See the Named 1/day
14th Truenamer 10 +9 +4 +8 +8 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 17(+3), Craft:Poison 17(+3), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 11, Know:Arcana 12(+2), MoveSilent 11, OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 17(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 16 Knowledge Focus (Arcana x3)
15th Truenamer 11 +10 +4 +8 +9 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18(+1), Craft:Poison 18(+1), DisDev 11, Escape Artist 4, Hide 12(+1), Know:Arcana 14(+2), MoveSilent 12(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 11, Truespeak 18(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 18(+2) Truename Training
16th Hoardstealer 4 +11 +4 +9 +9 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18, Craft:Poison 18, DisDev 15(+4), Escape Artist 4, Hide 13(+1), Know:Arcana 14, MoveSilent 13(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 15(+4), Truespeak 19(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 19(+1) Treasure Dowsing 1/day
17th Hoardstealer 5 +11 +4 +9 +9 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18, Craft:Poison 18, DisDev 19(+4), Escape Artist 4, Hide 14(+1), Know:Arcana 14, MoveSilent 14(+1), OpenLock 4, Search 19(+4), Truespeak 20(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 20(+1) Darkvision 60'
18th Hoardstealer 6 +12 +5 +10 +10 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18, Craft:Poison 18, DisDev 21(+2), Escape Artist 4, Hide 17(+3), Know:Arcana 14, MoveSilent 17(+3), OpenLock 4, Search 21(+2), Truespeak 21(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 21(+1) Craft Skull Talisman Trap Sense +4, Hide From Dragons 2/day
19th Hoardstealer 7 +13 +5 +10 +10 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18, Craft:Poison 18, DisDev 22(+1), Escape Artist 4, Hide 21(+4), Know:Arcana 14, MoveSilent 21(+4), OpenLock 4, Search 22(+1), Truespeak 22(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 22(+1) Treasure Dowsing 2/day
20th Hoardstealer 8 +14 +5 +11 +10 Appraise 8, Balance 5, Bluff 5, Craft:Alchemy 18, Craft:Poison 18, DisDev 23(+1), Escape Artist 4, Hide 23(+2), Know:Arcana 16(+4cc), MoveSilent 23(+2), OpenLock 4, Search 23(+1), Truespeak 23(+1), Tumble 5, UMD 23(+1) Skill Mastery (Craft:Alchemy, Craft:Poison, DisDev, Hide, Know:Arcana, MoveSilent, Search, Truespeak, UMD)

Spoiler: Utterances, Recitations, and Spells

Utterances & Recitations
Level Evolving Mind Crafted Tool Perfected Map New Utterances New Recitations
2nd 1 - - Universal Aptitude -
3rd 2 - - Inertia Surge -
4th 3 - - Hidden Truth -
5th 4 1 - Lesser Word of Nurturing, Fortify Armor -
6th 4 1 - - -
7th 4 1 - - -
8th 4 1 - - -
9th 5 1 - Silent Caster -
10th 6 1 - Seek the Sky -
11th 7 2 - Greater Speed of the Zephyr, Analyze Item -
12th 8 2 1 Energy Negation, Fog From the Void Recitation of the Sanguine State
13th 9 2 1 Vision Sharpened -
14th 10 2 1 Spell Rebirth -
15th 11 3 1 Word of Bolstering, Rebuild Item -

Hoardstealer Spells per Day
Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
6th 1 - - -
7th 2 - - -
8th 2 1 - -
9th 2 1 - -
10th 2 1 - -
11th 2 1 - -
12th 2 1 - -
13th 2 1 - -
14th 2 1 - -
15th 2 1 - -
16th 2 2 - -
17th 2 2 1 -
18th 2 2 2 -
19th 3 2 2 1
20th 3 2 2 2

Typical Spells Prepared
1st: expeditious retreat, Tenser's floating disk, unseen servant
2nd: invisibility, resist energy
3rd: dispel magic, shrink item
4th: dimension door, freedom of movement

Spoiler: Levels 1-5

Gordon starts out as a variation on a Flask Rogue, but instead of Sneak Attack he picks up Poison Use (via the Drow Rogue ACF). He sticks mostly to acid flasks (as funds allow), but for tougher encounters he can use his Hidden Talent (psionic minor creation) to get access to any plant-based poisons. This includes black lotus extract (DMG), luhix (BoVD), mordayn vapor (BoVD), mushroom powder (BoVD), redflower leaves (BoVD), and greensickness (Dungeonscape). Gordon wears a bandolier of empty flasks, uses psionic minor creation to fill all the flasks with a contact or inhaled poison, and then spends the rest of the battle hurling flasks at his enemies. He can also use psionic minor creation to create acid. In Dungeonscape (p. 140), there's a hazard called gray slime that creates acid whenever you walk under it or expose it to light. As per the DMG p. 76, "For purposes of spells and other special effects, all slimes, molds, and fungi are treated as plants." So dead gray slime = acid made from vegetable matter.

After that, things go considerably downhill from there... Orphaned at an early age, Gordon's efforts to learn about his ancestry lead him into researching his deepwyrm heritage, and his studies of the draconic language detour into researching draconic truenames. After discovering his own truename, Gordon comes to a horrifying realization... he's taken levels of Truenamer! While this does make him slightly better at crafting things (apparently "marketable class skills" is not part of the true essence of being a "Truenamer"), he works on his stealth skills, hiring himself out as a footpad, snitch, guttersnipe, bandit, or whatever else will pay the bills.

Spoiler: Levels 6-10

Hoardstealer! Yes, well, that sounds much better than "Truenamer!" Turns out dragons tend to have low touch ACs and no particular immunity to "greensickness". Gordon upgrades his... uh, throwing arm to a gnome calculus, which increases his effective range out to 250'. He also picks up Trapfinding, which gives him something else to do when he's not throwing flasks at his enemies. He also gets some arcane spells, including unseen servant. In certain battles, he can use his unseen servant to double his flask attacks by directing it to fly above his opponents and drop flasks (or bags full of flasks) on his enemies from above. Hide from Dragons 1/day is a very situational SLA, but if you're ever in a situation that calls for it, then it's an extremely important spell! At 8th level, Gorden gets Deep Pockets, which this entire build is built around.

Gordon's Glass Cannon: So... any container? Such as... a flask of acid? That can now hold 300 pounds of acid. When the flask shatters, the Deep Pockets effect ends, and "everything in the container spills onto the floor". Based on the equipment table in the PHB, a single flask of acid weighs one pound and does 1d6 acid damage. Put 300 flasks worth of acid into a single flask, and now that flask does 300d6 acid damage on a ranged touch attack (1,050 average damage). Even if Gordon misses, then it lands in an adjacent square and does 300 splash damage to everything within 5'. And that's just acid... if Gordon wanted to fill his flask with poison, assuming a single dose is about an ounce of liquid, 300 x 16 = 4,800 doses of black lotus extract (3d6 Con damage), or greensickness (2d6 Str + 1d4 Con). It's a one-trick pony, but... still a pretty big pony.

After he's got Deep Pockets, Gordon heads back into Truenamer, because he has a few problems he needs to solve, and Truenamer might actually be able to help. Most notably, Hoardstealer doesn't have Craft as a class skill, and Truenamer does, so he can pile on more crafting ranks and start making more of his own poisons and alchemical items. Along the way, he picks up Extend Supernatural Ability so his Deep Pockets flask lasts six hours instead of three. This should last him *most* of an adventuring day. At 10th level, he picks up the Seek the Sky utterance, which allows him to fly for 5 rounds at a time, so he can now join his unseen servant as he rains down flasks of death from above. When he's not hurling flasks, then he's sneaking off and hiding because he's a Truenamer and he should know better than to expose himself to combat.

Spoiler: Levels 11-15

Gordon continues to build up his Craft ranks and adds some utility utterances, mostly buffing some buffing and a little battlefield control. Outside of his Glass Cannon trick, his main job is to craft alchemical items and poisons, do a little trapfinding, and when all else fails do a whole lot of sneaking/hiding. Greater Speed of the Zephyr gives him haste, Analyze Item gives him identify, and Energy Negation gives him and his allies the ability to ignore some splash damage. Fog of the Void can give him either fog cloud or solid fog, while Recitation of the Sanguine State allows him to ignore any mishaps with poison. Vision sharpened lets him see invisible, and Spell Rebirth gives him at-will dispel magic.

*** SWEET SPOT *** Finally, at 15th level, Gordon has unlocked a 3rd level utterance in the Lexicon of the Crafted Tool: Rebuild Item. This allows him to rebuild his Deep Pockets flask over and over again. Gordon's Glass Cannon can now be RELOADED multiple times per day.

...and here is where the terribad suckitude of being a truenamer comes crashing down on you, as the DC to rebuild your flask is 15 + (2 x CL). Since the text of Deep Pockets says your container is the "equivalent of a bag of holding", that gives us a by-the-book CL of 9. 15 + 18 = 33 is not an insurmountable DC at your current level. In fact, your skill ranks + Int = 23 without tools/items. However, the DM may point out that, by the book, the CL of a Supernatural Ability is equal to your HD. Your best argument against this is to point out that you are a Truenamer, and he/she should take pity on you and let you have this shining moment of awesome.

You're likely stuck with the original duration for Deep Pockets and also must deal with the cosmic stupidity of the Law of Resistance, but your One Trick Pony is now a... One Trick Pony that you can use several times a day! Rebuild item can also be used on other things... notably, all those acid flasks that he keeps breaking (non-magical items can be rebuilt with a flat DC 25 Truespeak check). Hopefully, your DM will let you reconstitute the entire flask, complete with acid, but if your DM is a little leery of this, make sure you play the "I AM A PATHETIC TRUENAMER, PLEASE LET ME HAVE THIS!" card. For everything else Gordon needs crafting, he can buy Skull Talismans (Frostburn) of any spell he needs (such as unseen crafter, water to acid, major creation, etc.), break the skull, then use Rebuild Item to recreate the skull, ready to use again.

In other news, at 15th level Gordon also picks up Word of Bolstering, which is a nice fix for any ability drain/damage, and Truename Training to keep truespeak as a class skill.

Spoiler: Levels 16-20

For his last five levels, Gordon returns to Hoardstealer, because not only does each new level increase his Glass Cannon by 100d6 (and increase the duration by one more hour), but there are a few other perks he'd like to pick up as well. At 16th, he picks up Treasure Dowser 1/day. This helps him track down rare or hard-to-find ingredients for poisons and alchemical items. Arsenic and many other heavy metals are highly toxic. But Treasure Dowser doesn't only find metals, it can also find "minerals". How much easier does making alchemical fire become if you can easily track down veins of magnesium and sulfur? Or create acids directly from chemical salts. See Minor Creation and You, a Small Guide for more information on alchemical substances that might count as "minerals".

At 17th level, Gordon's darkvision increases to 60', which is nice because half-drow lost darkvision in the DotU update. However, he also gets something more interesting... 3rd level spells, and that means he now has access to [I]shrink item]/I]. This is a monumental upgrade for his Glass Cannon, because he can now fit 4,000 times more acid flasks into his Deep Pocket flask. At Hoardstealer 5, that's a 500-pound capacity that can now dish out 2,000,000d6 damage on a ranged touch attack, or 2,000,000 splash damage on a miss.

At 18th level, Gordon gets Trap Sense +4, Hide from Dragons 2/day, and Craft Skull Talisman so he can create his own Skull Talismans. 19th level adds Treasure Dowsing 2/day, which is nice because he's going to need a lot of chemical salts to craft 2,800,000 flasks of acid. And at 20th level, Gordon gets Skill Mastery, which is a pretty nice perk for a capstone. He can now "Take 10" on Truespeak checks, along with nearly all the other skills he invested ranks in. The maximum capacity of his Glass Cannon tops out at 3,200,000d6 flasks of acid damage, and it lasts 16 hours, so pretty much an entire adventuring day.

How can he possibly make that many miniature flasks, you ask? Make a Skull Talisman of shrink item. It takes one round to use the skull, and one round to rebuild it (CL 5, so Truespeak DC to rebuild is an easy 25). Gordon can shrink 300 flasks an hour. If he skips sleep, he can shrink 7,200 flasks a day. Add in a servant horde or an unseen crafter or two, and it might take a few months... but that's going to be a very interesting Glass Cannon.

Spoiler: Sources

Arms & Equipment Guide: Gnome Calculus
Drow of the Underdark: Drow Rogue ACF
Expanded Psionics Handbook: Hidden Talent, Psionic Minor Creation
Frostburn: Craft Skull Talisman
Heroes of Battle: Guerrilla Warrior
Lords of Madness: Darkstalker
Tome of Magic: Truenamer, Extend Supernatural Ability, Truename Training
Unearthed Arcana: Martial Rogue ACF