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N Dragonborn Human Cloistered Cleric 5/Hoardstealer 4/Ruathar 2/Hoard +4/Sovereign Speaker 3/Hoard +2

Replace Rogue w/ Cleric obviously…

Spoiler: Background

My papa was always fond of saying that if you walked in the forest and no one could see or hear you, were you ever really there?
He gave me a name, but used to just call me Boy. He said it was better sometimes to not be found, just in case someone or something came looking for you.

He taught me many things in life, not least of all about the lifelong path my feet have taken me on. He called me his “little helper”. In truth, I was a pack mule, but a well fed and well paid one once I could earn my keep.

In time, I heard other “voices” beyond his. Greater powers were calling me into a life of service, of a sort. First I answered the call of Bahamut and became a Dragonborn. I then sought out and gained the attention of Astilabor to whom we’d been tithing to for as long as I could remember. She sent an emissary to speak to me, a great honor indeed. I was instructed to continue my path for there were many others such as had paid her lip service, and promised their own tithes, but yet never paid their due. Of course after the collection had been made, I was free to do with it such as I would. My own hoard began to grow.

It wasn’t always dragons whose hoard I would raid either. Occasionally there would be some other fool who might leave their valuables unprotected or uncared for. Obviously I could do better, and so they were added to the pile. A hoard could come in any size after all as my papa was fond of saying. A chest, a coin purse, or a fistful of coins set down at the opportune moment.

On one such occasion, while visiting a particularly lax Emerald Dragon, I stumbled upon a scroll with a unique spell written upon it, while “helping” my party fight the beast after they stupidly aroused its attention. The spell located the lost Elfblade “Aryvelahr Kerym” known as The Warblade. I knew enough about artifacts to know that I should steer clear of them, and so I turned the scroll over to a representative of the House of Irithyl that I knew to be nearby. That is, after I’d made my due escape from those bumbling idiots. Seriously, learn to walk without making such a ruckous that only the dead could ignore. I did them the favor of saving their backsides of course before leaving, I’m not inhuman!
In return, the elvish Lords named me Friend, and gave me an honorific on top of that. I hadn’t sought payment, it was simply the right thing to do, but never look a gift elf in the mouth my papa used to say. I attracted the service of a Huitzil, and he became my familiar, and his hoard grew along with my own.

My travels took me to many a strange land. I was not always in service to Astilabor as I went my way. I’m not a mindless buffoon who only acts upon the whim of another. She is mighty indeed, but a man has needs, and a hoard must grow. In time I came to see some validity in the religion of one of those far off lands. I would never disavow Astilabor, but I could see no harm in honoring others as well.

As I’ve often told my own son, whom I call Boy, your life is what you make it, but don’t make it hard. Don’t be a complacent fool. Take charge of your own destiny. Find a cause or a path and walk it, just like my papa and I have done. The Gods have been, and will be, long before and after you are gone, so choose your allegiances wisely, whatever they may be.

Spoiler: Pt Buy/class stuff

D6x17+D8x3+40 HPs

Deity: Astilabor

Dragonborn: Mind Aspect
Immune to paralysis/magic sleep. Darkvision 30ft and lowlight vision. +2 Listen/Search/Spot
at 6hd: Darkvision to 60, at 9HD DV to 90, lowlight to 3x human, at 12HD DV to 120, low to 4x human, 15HD gain Blindsense 30ft
+2 CON -2 DEX
gain (dragonblood) subtype, +2 dodge bonus to AC vs dragons, Immunity to Frightful Presence, Draconic Aspect (Mind), gain Speak Draconic

Cloistered Cleric:
As cleric, but 6+INT skills (add decipher script, speak language, all knowledges), d6 HD, poor BAB (I used Wiz progression), simple weapons, light armor proficiency, Lore (as bardic knowledge w/ cleric levels)

32 pt Buy:

Str 8
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 16
Cha 10
All points into WIS

Str 8
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 21
Cha 10

A note on skills
Able learner = all skills cost 1 pt/rank regardless of class or not
at creation, Appraise, Hide, Knowledge Arcana, and Move Silently are all class skills via feat/domain with a bonus rank in both hide and move silent at level 1.
at 3rd lvl: Disable device, Open Lock, and Search become class skills via feat
Skill rank assignments and feats can be chosen at the same time, as per PHB 87.

CCLeric/Hoard=8 skill points/lvl, Ruathar=6/lvl, SS=4/lvl

Spoiler: Build

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Cloistered Cleric1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Appraise 4, Concentration 2, cc-Disable Device 2, cc-Escape Artist 2, Hide 4, Knowledge Arcana 4, Knowledge Religion 1, Move Silently 4, cc-Open Lock 2, cc-Search 2, cc-Sleight of Hand 1, Spellcraft 4, cc-Spot 1, cc-UMD 1 Apprentice, (B) Knowledge Devotion, (B) Skill Focus -Appraise, (B) Able Learner Rebuke Dragons ACF, Spells, Dragonborn stuff (Mind Aspect)
2nd CCleric 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Appraise 5, Conc 4, Hide 5, Know Arc 5, Know Rel 3, Move 5 - -
3rd CCleric 3 +1 +3 +1 +3 Appraise 6, Disable 3, Hide 6, Move 6, Open Lock 3, Search 3, Collector of Stories Initiate of Astilabor -
4th CCleric 4 +2 +4 +1 +4 Appraise 7, Disable 4, Escape 3, Hide 7, Move 7, Open 4, Search 5 - -
5th CCleric 5 +2 +4 +1 +4 Appraise 8, Escape 4, Hide 8, Move 8, Search 8, UMD 2 - -
6th Hoardstealer 1 +2 +4 +3 +4 Conc 5, Disable 5, Escape 5, Open 5, Search 9, Sleight 2, UMD 4 Darkstalker Darkvision +30, Trapfinding, Spells
7th Hoard 2 +3 +4 +4 +4 Conc 6, Disable 6, Hide 10, Move 10, Open 6, Sleight 3, UMD 5 - Hide from Dragon 1/day
8th Hoard 3 +4 +5 +4 +5 Conc 8, Disable 8, Hide 11, Know Arc 6, Know Rel 4, Move 11 - Trapsense +2, Deep Pockets
9th Hoarde 4 +5 +5 +5 +5 Conc 9, Disable 9, Hide 12, Know Arc 7, Know Rel 5, Move 12, Open 8 Practised Spellcaster (Cleric) Dowsing 1/day
10th Ruathar 1 +5 +5 +7 +7 Conc 10, Disable 10, Hide 13, Know Arc 8, Know Rel 6, Move 13 - Word of Friendship, Gift of Elves, +1 SC (Cleric)
11th Ruathar 2 +6 +5 +8 +8 Conc 11, Disable 11, Hide 13, Know Arc 9, Know Rel 7, Move 14 - Elfwise, Improved Lowlight, +1 SC (Cleric)
12th Hoard 5 +6 +5 +8 +8 Conc 12, Disable 12, Hide 14, Know Arc 10, Know Rel 8, Move 15, Open 10 Obtain Familiar,
(B) Alertness
Darkvision +60
13th Hoard 6 +7 +6 +9 +9 Conc 13, Disable 13, Hide 15, Know Arc 12, Move 16, Open 12 - Trapsense +4, Hide from Dragons 2/day
14th Hoard 7 +8 +6 +9 +9 Conc 14, Disable 14, Hide 16, Know Arc 14, Move 17, Open 13, UMD 6 - Dowsing 2/day
15th Hoard 8 +9 +6 +10 +9 Conc 15, Disable 15, HIde 17, Know Arc 15, Move 18, Open 14, Swift Concentration Worldly Focus Skill Mastery (Conc, Disable, Hide, Move, Open Lock)
16th Sovereign Speaker 1 +9 +6 +10 +11 Disable 16, Hide 18, Move 19, Open 15 - Bonus Domain (Celerity)
17th SS 2 +10 +6 +10 +12 Disable 17, Hide 19, Move 20, Open 16 - Bonus Domain (Magic), +1 SC (Cleric)
18th SS 3 +11 +7 +11 +12 Disable 18, Hide 20, Open 17, UMD 7 Dragonfoe Bonus Domain (Luck), +1 3rd lvl domain slot, +1 SC (Cleric)
19th Hoard 9 +11 +8 +11 +13 Hide 21, Move 21, Open 18, Sleight 6, Opening Tap - Darkvision +90, Trapsense +6
20th Hoard 10 +12 +8 +12 +13 Open 20, Sleight 10, Clever Improviser - Dowsing 3/day, Hide from Dragons 3/day

Spoiler: Feats/Familiar/Skills

1- Apprentice
1- (B) Knowledge Devotion
1- (B) Able Learner (cc skills only cost 1 pt)
1- (B) Skill Focus Appraise
3- Initiate of Astilabor (add Disable Device, Open Lock, Search to class skill list, spells)
6- Darkstalker
9- Practiced Spellcaster CArc 82 (+4 CL for 1 class - Cleric)
12- Obtain Familiar (comp arc 81) – Huitzil
12- (B) Alertness
15- Worldly Focus
18- Dragonfoe - +2 attacks vs dragons, +2 CL to overcome SR, dragons at -2 to saves

Huitzil (BASE)
N Tiny Animal (Dragonblood)
Init +2 Lowlight, Hover, (B) Weapon Finesse, Distract (Ex)
AC 17 Touch 14 Flat 15 (+2 size +2 Dex +3 Natural)
F2 R4 W0 STR 5 DEX 15 CON 10 INT 2 WIS 11 CHA 8
speed 10/fly 60 avg
Bite +4 (1d3-3) Talon -1 1d2-3) BAB/Grapple +0/-11
Hide +10, Sleight of Hand +10, Search +4, Spot +2

LVL 10 Familiar:
10HD ½ Master’s HP, +5 NA, INT 10, Master’s BAB/Base Saves/Skills
Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Speak with Master, Speak with animals of its kind

Apprentice: No good listed options match the needs of a Hoardstealer, so we’re making one up based loosely off of the Criminal subtype.
Retain the extra starting 100 gold
Gain +2 to Move Silent checks, Associated Skills Hide, Move Silent

Skill Tricks:
Collector of Stories – gain a +5 bonus to all knowledge checks to ID monsters
Swift Concentration – maintain concentration as a swift action
Opening Tap – open locks as a swift action
Clever Improviser – ignore penalties to disable device/open lock from no tools

Spoiler: Spells/Domains

Spoiler: Spells Table

Cleric Spells per Day

Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 3 2+1 - - - - - - - -
2nd 4 3+1 - - - - - - - -
3rd 4 3+1 2+1 - - - - - - -
4th 5 4+1 3+1 - - - - - - -
5-9th 5 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - - -
10th 5 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - - -
11-17th 6 5+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 - - - - -
17th 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 - - - - -
18-20th 6 6+1 5+1 5+2 3+1 2+1 - - - -

HS Casting:

Hoardstealer Spells per Day

Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
6th - 1 - - - - - - - -
7th - 2 - - - - - - - -
8th - 2 1 - - - - - - -
9th - 2 2 - - - - - - -
12th - 2 2 - - - - - - -
13th - 2 2 1 - - - - - -
14th - 3 2 1 - - - - - -
15th - 3 2 1 1 - - - - -
19th - 3 3 1 1 - - - - -
20th - 3 3 2 1 - - - - -

Add to list from Cloistered Cleric:
0-message, 1-erase, identify, unseen servant, 2-fox’s cunning, 3-illusory script, secret page, tongues, 4-detect scrying
At 3rd lvl, add from Initiate Feat
1-Hoard Gullet

Cavern Domain
GP- Gain Stonecunning (PHB15)
1- Detect Secret Doors
2- Darkness
3- Meld into Stone
4- Leomund’s Secure Shelter
5- Passwall
6- Find the Path
7- Maw of Stone

Wealth Domain
GP- Gain Appraise as a class skill, add Skill Focus (Appraise) as a bonus feat
2-Obscure Object
3-Glyph of Warding
4-Detect Scrying
5-Leomund’s Secret Chest
6- Forbiddance

Magic Domain

GP: Use Scrolls/Wands/other devices with spell completion/trigger activation as a wizard of one-half your cleric level. For the purposes of a scroll or other magic device, if you are also a wizard, actual wizard levels and these effective wizard levels stack.
1-Magic Aura
3-Dispel Magic
4-Imbue with Spell Ability
5-Spell Resistance
6- Antimagic Field
7- Spell Turning

Celerity Domain
GP: Your land speed is faster by +10 feet as long as you are in light armor and carrying less than a med load.
1-Expeditious Retreat
2-Cat’s Grace
5-Tree Stride
6- Wind Walk
7- Cat’s Grace, Mass

Luck Domain
GP – 1/day reroll any roll before the DM declares success or failure, must keep 2nd roll
1-Entropic Shield
3-Protection from Energy
4-Freedom of Movement
5-Break Enchantment
6- Mislead
7-Spell Turning

Spoiler: Fun spell uses

Unseen Servant – have it “stand” between you and the dragon, if the dragon charges you, it hit’s the US instead, allowing you time to gtfo. Or use it to carry off another 20 lbs of loot, or shovel it into a bag of holding etc. When sufficient currency is built up, save your slot for something else using a Collar of Perpetual Attendance instead (2k gold) to summon them at will.

Dark Way and Bridge of Sound can likewise be used to put a barrier between you and any dragon or other minion that might be trying to eat you.

Hoard Gullet is especially useful and synergetic, especially when combined with the share spells ability of your familiar.

Meld into Stone gives you a getaway option, and combining that with Footsteps of the Divine gives you a way to burrow through the rock, this is of course improved even further when using Hide from Dragons/Dimension door.

I think it’s a travesty that this SI doesn’t have silence on its spell list, so you need to obtain that some other way, like cleric 2! That will probably be a go to spell for a long time, so how about a wand or some scrolls of silence? Silence combined with Darkstalker means you can’t be detected at all for the duration, how would you make a Listening check when there’s nothing to hear?

Contingent Energy Resistance can be cast before you ever even enter the dungeon/dragons Lair and gives you an extra layer of defense should you be detected. Likewise Energetic Healing both gives you immunity to a breath weapon and gives some minor healing on top of that immunity.

In a pickle? Favorable Sacrifice turns that pile of loot the dragon has into massive defensive bonus’s to you. If you’re already caught, why not go whole hog?

Passwall, stoneshape are just more ways to get either into or out of the vault.

Quall’s Feather Token (tree) dropped in the middle of the dungeon, combined with Tree Stride means a get out of jail free card.

Possible Spells
1- Conjure Ice Beast, Ebon Eyes, Favorable Sacrifice, Snowshoes, Spell Flower,
2- Dark Way, Divine Insight, Spider Legs, Find Traps, Silence
3-Anti-Dragon Aura, Blindsight, Bridge of Sound, Chain of Eyes, Footsteps of the Divine, Mantle of X, Stone Shape, Meld into Stone
4-Abyssal Might, Contingent Energy Resistance,
5-Aura of Evasion, Divine Agility, Energetic Healing, Wall of Dispel Magic

14 INT = Bonus spells of 1-1,2-1
16 WIS = Bonus spells of 1-1, 2-1, 3-1
18 WIS = Bonus spells of 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1
20 WIS = Bonus spells of 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1

Cleric CL = 13, but effective level 9th (5th’s}
HS CL = 10 (4th’s)

Spoiler: Build Breakdown

5- the Knowledge Domain is traded for Knowledge Devotion. Through Feats and Domains you pick up Appraise, Hide, Knowledge Arcana and Move Silently, Search, Open Lock, and Disable Device as class skills. All the pre-reqs for the SI are paid off, at this point you’re a sneaky cleric. Conjure Ice Beast is your goto low level combat spell, otherwise you’re a support character/backup or replacement rogue and thanks to Lore + Collector of Stories+ Knowledge Devotion, a source of knowledge for your team or yourself. (Skill Focus Appraise is given up to Dragonborn)

10- Half way into the SI, you pick up Darkstalker and catch your cleric casting up with Practiced Sellcaster. Darkvision is out to 120ft at this point, who needs a torch? Ruathar gives you essentially a free magic item at the pointy eared one’s discretion, for us, probably boots of elven-kind which means a free +5 to move silently. At 3rd lvl Divine, and 2nd lvl Arcane from the crappy SI spell list. The first sweet spot is at level 6 where Darkstalker and Silence combine to make you practically undetectable.

15- 8/10 levels in the SI, 5 in CCleric and 2 in Ruathar. Pick up a Huitzil familiar, plenty on that already spelled out about how to use it. Pick up extra uses of the SI’s abilities, and take Worldly Focus as a feat, meaning we no longer need a holy symbol in our hands to cast. Swift Concentration frees up our action economy a bit. The second sweet spot is at lvl 12 where your Familiar comes online and starts synergizing with all your other abilities. The third sweet spot is at 15 when you can take 10 on all your most used abilities thanks to Skill Mastery.

20- Finishing off the SI as well as picking up 3 levels in Sovereign Speaker which also grants 3 additional Domains (Celerity, Magic, and Luck). Darkvision tops out at 210 feet and you gain Blindsense 30 feet on top of that. Dragonfoe is the final feat chosen giving bonus to you and negatives to them, 2 hoorays in one. Silent Spell could be a good alternative, allowing spell casting while in our near permanent silence field. Clever Improvisor means we don’t even have to carry tools with us anymore unless the bonus from using them is more important than not having them. Opening Tap also aids our action economy making those checks swift actions as well! Doing more stuff is always better than doing the same or less stuff per turn.

Spoiler: Build Thoughts

First off, I don’t believe the “casts as a Wizard does” means that your HS casting would stack with any other wizardlike casting to grant you beyond this list, or that you could jump into something else and suddenly have 10 CL’s of wizard to build off of. So that means either a rogue/melee entry or choose another casting source for the other 10 levels of the build. I chose to go w/ Cloistered Cleric primarily for the skill points, but also because cleric casting options are strictly speaking better options thematically for this SI. Especially since you only need an INT of 14 to cast the entire HS spell list.

A lot of the the things in this build highlight and work in synergy right alongside the SI. Darkvision is maximized almost to the breaking point. 90 feet from the SI, an additional 120 feet from Dragonborn.

Trapfinding/Trap Sense is pretty underwhelming by itself, but considering that you assume you’ll be underground the majority of the time, the granted power of the Cavern Domain, stonecunning, grants you a bonus to find traps in stonework. On top of that, this SI is so MAD that you can’t optimize one ability score w/o drastically damaging another one that may be equally important. Elfwise also grants a minor bonus to help with these skills as well.

Deep Pockets is a great ability, but at only 1/day for 10 hours you better hope you can get out of the dungeon before all that comes up.. Hoard Gullet, when combined w/ share spells for your familiar emulates this, meaning you might have a bag of holding, or a belt of many pockets, or a handy haversack, or any other extra dimensional space as well. Hoard Gullet in turn makes your tummy a bag of holding, and you can just swallow things to your hearts content while also shoveling items into a bag, while also having your unseen servant do the same, while also having your familiar do the same… Add Favorable Sacrifice into this for when you get caught, and you will gain massive DR/SR and other defenses to help you get out. Many other spells/abilities will come online to assist in this. Survival is more important that money, but we’ll keep the money if at all possible. Don’t discount what your familiar can stuff down its throat just because he’s tiny. A 1000 pounds or 100 cubic feet of diamond dust, dragon bone dust, platinum coins, etc etc.

Hide from Dragons is great as a spell, but horrible as a class feature… 1 ROUND/level… what’s the point? However, combining Darkstalker and the spell Silence means you are basically invisible to that dragon unless it can detect you by some other means. Scent is your only weakness that HfD does for you, but in those 10 rounds while this is up, you better be getting out of dodge asap, lest a few dragon breaths are launched at your last known location.

Treasure Dowsing is so utterly worthless entirely that it is the only aspect of the SI not optimized. 3/day for 100 feet of range you can tell where a specific metal is. Whoopty do. The only thing you’re doing to make this better is the skill trick Swift Concentration that lets you possibly do this as a swift instead of a full round action, and combining that with skill mastery concentration. Otherwise, the ability links directly to the rod in the DMG of the same properties that instead of 100 feet range instead gives you 30 feet range on demand at the likewise exorbitant cost of 10k gold. (It’s called a search check…)

Finally, Skill Mastery. Taking 10 on our most used skills: Conc, Disable, Hide, Move, Open Lock means more likely than not instant success the majority of the time. The only thing to possibly switch out to make more sense would be Open Lock or Disable Device and replace either of them with UMD or Knowledge Arcana to stack on the Devotion pain (However you’re more interested in hiding from the dragon than fighting the dragon..).

Also, Knowledge Devotion, Lore, and Collector of Stories + Knowledge Arcane all combine to give you the leg up on your draconic foes. Dragonfoe later piles on the dragon hate train. Fun Fact, Collector of stories gives you a +5 competence bonus to knowledge checks, but doesn’t specify to which knowledge it applies. So for the low low price of 2 skill points for the skill trick, you gain a +5 bonus to ALL knowledge checks made to “learn powers or vulnerabilities”.

Lore (+7), Collector (+5), Know Arc (+15) plus a die roll equals your Know Devotion check. Obviously the Know Arc amount changes over time, but the result of that roll at any given point equals a bonus to attacks and damage of:

0-15 = +1
16-25= +2
26-30= +3
31-35= +4
36+ = +5

At first level our modifier would be Lore (+3) Know Arc (+4) plus a d20. At third it jumps to Lore (+5) Collector (+5), Know (+5) plus a d20, and it scales upward from there!

I briefly considered a dip into Contemplative for another bonus domain, this time the Time Domain. Improved Initiative is always nice, but I really just wanted access to Permanency as a 5th spell. However, with as much loot as you should be rolling in at the point that you would get access to this, you should be able to just buy all those effects on yourself anyways without it really effecting your pocketbook to much.

The magic domain’s granted power stacks ½ your cleric levels w/ effective wizard levels for the purposes of using items scrolls/wands/devices w/ spell completion triggers. Theoretically you could argue that your check for those would be: cleric 2 + wiz 10 + UMD + your d20 roll. It does state that if you are “actually a wizard”, however I think in this case the wording of how you cast as a HS would actually work in your favor. If the DM goes for it, bonus, if not, well, you have it worked into your build anyways, just not as “yay” as it could be otherwise.

Astilabor vs the Sovereign Host:
There is nothing in the PHB that unequivocally states that you can only have 1 deity as a cleric. In fact, a cleric doesn’t even need to have a deity if they so choose. I have chosen to serve Astilabor, but also later worship the Sovereign Host as a pantheon and not a single god. In fact, PHB page 106 states, “It is only prudent to be respectful toward or even pray to other deities when the time is right”. As a Neutral character I prefer good over evil, and have chosen to spontaneously convert spells to healing spells. The Host generally speaking looks out for the people. As a Cleric to Astilabor, I’m in favor of advancing the size of my own hoard primarily above all things, but I also care about the well-being of others.

Spoiler: Sources

Complete Arcane – Obtain Familiar, Practiced Spellcaster
Complete Champion – Knowledge Devotion
Complete Divine – Celerity Domain
Complete Scoundrel –skill tricks
Draconomicon – Astilabor, Dragonfoe, Hoardstealer, Wealth Domain
Dragon Magic – Huitzil, Initiate of Astilabor, Rebuke Dragons ACF
DMG II – Apprentice
Faiths of Eberron – Sovereign Host, Sovereign Speaker, Worldly Focus
Lords of Madness – Darkstalker
Player’s Handbook – Cleric, Luck Domain, Magic Domain, Stonecunning
Races of Destiny – Able Learner
Races of the Dragon – Dragonborn
Races of the Wild - Ruathar
Spell Compendium – Cavern Domain
http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spellLists/clericDomains.htm - Magic Domain