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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Fluff Discussion XV: You Must Be THIS Tall To Witness The Grimdark

    Quote Originally Posted by Xenopax View Post
    Thanks for the breakdown. Big ones will be murdered horribly. I thought zoanthropes sucked their energy out of the Warp? Although if they did that, that might be a way for the tyrannids to get more energy as a whole.
    Where psychers in general get their energy reserves from is a question that is not really answer in 40k in general.
    I see it this way, you spend some of of your own energy (aka sugar, fat, ATP, whatever) to access the powers of the Warp which you try to bend, shape and shoot in certain directions, but most psychers do not have the specific ability to turn that energy into their own reserves.

    EDIT: To make it super simple, if the warp is a gun, the psycher is the gunner that has to spend his own strength to pull the trigger and absorb the recoil. If the psycher is too exhausted to do that, he cannot or he gets hurt/dies while trying. He may even succeed, but healthy it isn't
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