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Spoiler: Jeri
"This is the Dimension of Dreams," the figure responds simply and continues walking. The spider maintains some distance, but continues to follow. It is not long before you arrive at the black ship. The ship appears to be made almost entirely of metal, and does not have sails or oars. The water around the ship looks black and oily as well. The figure boards the ship and stands waiting for you to follow, but you have a strange sense of foreboding.
Jeri reflects on her sense of foreboding. Sometimes a little fear tells one wise things, sometimes not. "Dreams, like, dream dreams? I've had some pretty strange ones, but never had one just plain announce it to me. This feels like a real place." She focuses on the ground beneath her feet, gives it a stomp for good measure.

"Will that dirt hurt if I trip and fall, or will I just wake? Or do I get to tell it what to do instead?" She moves her arms and swishes her tail, pantomiming stirring up some dust.

Spoiler: OOC
She's attempting a Gather Power, but I understand if this works a bit differently in the dream than it would in "real life."