The cyberwolf doesn't understand flashy lights and incantations. What it does understand is that there's a nice, tasty lizard in front of it. It doesn't understand why the little one is standing tall and trying to fend for itself instead of running away like a smart little lizard, but no matter. Asaigh is obviously just too small to possibly do anything to stop the gargantuan beast. The cyberwolf trots obliviously, its nails scratching the worn, dirty floor tiles beneath it, as it confidently leans in to grab Asaigh in its jaws and-

...Wait. How is she still all the way over there? Did the ball-and-chain just become a hundred times heavier, or did something happen to the wolf just now? I think something happened. Fur starts to fall out in large chunks, revealing rusted iron and exposed wires in places this giant beast has been injured before. It glares at the lizard, its implants rejecting every instinct to run and cower, demanding instead that this assault be met with savage fury and intravenously-administered adrenaline. It leaps at Asaigh!

-and then the explosion happens, and the dire cyberwolf is no more. A lucky shot, I think. Jumping ensured that its head would be a lot closer to the blast, whereas if it simply ran towards her, the extra distance between the wolf's head and her aetheric energy bomb might've been enough to merely wound the beast. Unfortunately for Asaigh, just because the wolf is dead, doesn't mean it's going to stop moving. It still managed to lunge forward before an explosion made a mess of its head, and that still puts Asaigh right in the beast's path...or it would, if Magtok hadn't stopped cowering in a corner long enough to shove her out of the way and get pinned against a wall by a giant wolf carcass in her place. What a hero. You should probably just leave him there, it's what he deserves.