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I imagine that there are uncomfortable similarities between Khaine and Khorne, and that they possibly had very similar beginnings, or that one was born of the other. There are indications, such as the symbol of Khaine being very similar to the symbol for Khorne, and blood sacrifice being needed to summon his Avatar.

For example, it's said that he took on the aspect of the Reaper when fighting the Nightbringer, giving all species, except the Orks, the fear of Death. This could also have begun, in part, disturbances in the Warp, leading to the creation of Khorne - the emotions in the War in Heaven could have played its part.

There have been suggestions that when Slaanesh was born, and s/he came for Khaine, that Khorne intervened, claiming Khaine as his own by right. I'd argue that this implies that Khorne and Khaine have a close link, but are not exactly one and the same (but could very well have become so).

The existence of the Avatar, being, essentially, a bound daemon, does, in my opinion, justify certain Radical practices by the Inquisition. It's not inconceivable that, through sacrifice, Avatars of the Emperor could be created. If the Avatar has less benign origins, well, it seems that bound daemons could be used reliably with the correct rituals. But probably not.
This all I can agree with. I'd like to think that when Khaine got his bloody hands, the first part of what would end up becoming Khorne came into existence. Would give an actual reason for his obsession with blood. And he could have tried to take Khaine as he is one of the few war gods that aren't Khorne in disguise. Or perhaps he just wanted someone to fight.