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[Main Room - Charity, Cassidy and Dipsnig]

Dipsnig taps his bracer a few times and a nearby printer produces Charity's license. He looks as if he's about to hand it to her, but then he realizes how that'd look due to their difference in height. He opts to simply motion for her to retrieve it.

"Not really. Just remember to stay professional and reliable. We don't concern ourselves with morality that much here, but we do have professional standards."
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Main Room - Charity, Cassidy, and Dipsnig

Cass grins right back at Charity, but is noticeably quick to withdraw her arm. Seems she still remembers how their spat went. "Ah c'mon boss, I'm neither of those and you still keep me around."
[Main Room - Charity, Cassidy and Dipsnig]

"Cool," charity says, her grin showing off sharp teeth, "Yeah, I think I can maintain professional standards just fine. Any time you've got something you need a bruiser for, just let me know."