Asaigh winces and puts an arm in front of her face, bracing for a very gross impact. But while she's braced to be forced back, she certainly isn't prepared to be shoved to the side by Magtok. She stumbles, but manages to keep to her feet, without even dropping her book. She lets out a breath, then looks back at where she was going to be. For a moment, she's tempted to just leave the weird metal man here. But if he really did build this place, he'd know the layout a lot better than her. And there was that pesky manner of it not being right to just leave him there to suffocate in diseased, decapitated wolf. Not exactly on the higher side of the list of ways to go.

She puts her book back in the pouch at her side, and heads over to try and heft the carcass away from Magtok. "You said this was your place? Why even- ugh, this is gross - why even have things like that? You clearly had some money, why not just hire a security force?" Yeah, Asaigh is definitely new to the Nexus.