"This wasn't my security force. See, I had this wonderful idea that I could deal with the wolf problem in the woods around here by creating a nanite virus that sought out wolves, and it'd get in their brains and tell them to stay the hell away from the MagCave and the encrypted radio signal blaring high pitched noise and pain. Instead of getting the hell out, they just moved to the bottom of the mountain, and waited until I shut this place down and turned off that signal to start ruining everything," he groans in disgust, trying to wipe the grotesque and excessive amount of wolf blood from his outfit with his hands, which does nothing more than smear it around and get his hands dirty. Ugh, gods above and below, this is the absolute worst. Wait, scratch that, at least he's not going to die of embarrassment, pinned to the wall by a dead animal. This is almost the absolute worst.

"You're new to the Nexus, aren't you? I'm Magtok. I used to be famous and important," he introduces himself, doing a few brief stretches and making sure nothing is broken or dislocated. He's going to have a few bruises, pinned against a wall by something so huge, but fortunately there's nothing serious. "I'd offer to shake your hand, but...you know." She touches her books with those hands, and those scholarly archaeologist texts probably wouldn't appreciate all of this wolf blood splattered all over their delicate pages.

"As I was saying, there's a generator on floor six. If we power that on, I can get the workshop running, some of the lights will work, and I can have a few Magbots start cleaning things up and helping out with the whole rabid psycho science experiments that are probably running loose. Also, just so we're clear and there's no confusion later, we're on the ground floor now, below that is the first floor, and below that, the second. I know other buildings have the floors numbered in ascending order, but when you expand the place by digging down..." You don't need to explain any further, I'm sure she gets the idea, Magtok. Anyway, he starts marching forward again, like nothing ever happened. If we had money, we could hire a knight, rogue, plague doctor, and cleric to explore the depths for us, but like I've mentioned earlier, the MagCollective is made up of a bunch of penny-pinching jerks. Gotta get to that sixth floor and get things running again ourselves.