DAY 13
This morning, when Jean gets up and Winter and Dorn check him, he is still sick, but his condition did not progress. Winter casts lesser restoration on him to give him 2 CON healing. They'll continue to treat him throughout the day and hopefully he will kick the fever by tomorrow.

Spoiler: Björn
As he has another day of sitting around, Björn will be able to take his time on some interesting developments with his suit. Nothing that can seem to help him in his current situation, but over the course of the day and messing around, he will unlock two astral suit abilities that could help him in aquatic environments.
Spoiler: Swim
Swim: He gains a swim speed equal to his base speed. This includes adjustments to base speed for the Speed customization.

Spoiler: Underwater Breath
He can breathe safely underwater as long as he is wearing his astral suit.

Spoiler: Dorn
This morning, your deva tutors you in modifying the gorget of the wyrm to draw on the righteous wrath of gold and brass dragons. You have unlocked gorget of the wyrm [fire].

While Björn focuses on his suit customizations (and whatever daydreams of "how cool it would be to..." with them), Brother Jaume holds an exercises session in the morning for everyone else, utilizing a different style than Dorn did yesterday. In the afternoon, he goes through low-impact stretches and agility training for everyone (including Björn) except Gaye. For her part, Gaye works with survivors to provide a soothing presence.

In the evening, Brother Jaume will focus his attention on the now physically healed Ilki. At her request, Björn gives Gaye combat training. Winter and Dorn talk preventative medicine.

Jean, give me a Fort save with a +4 bonus due to the quality of your medical care.