"Most roundabout way possible - yep, you're a scientist, alright. At least you didn't just chop down the woods. Unless that was on the docket too." Asaigh shrugs. It really isn't her problem. For the moment, her book goes back into the pouch at her side. It seemed like they'd have a moment to catch their breath and come up with something that at least resembled a plan.

"Used to? Well, my name's Asaigh, and people that used to be famous and important just happen to be my specialty. Just, normally they're either long dead, or they just came back from being long dead and they wanna kill me. Never dealt with one still alive and kicking." It was a little embarrassing, honestly. This cave looked like nobody had been inside in decades, but here was the owner, just fine - albeit soaked in blood. She'd have to find a more abandoned place next time.

"Right. Better to let the drones get beaten up then us, right?" Asaigh has shown no amazed reactions to this new-fangled "technology." A bit odd, for someone who throws around what are basically spells and looks like she just stepped out of a fantasy novel about lizard people.