Flair rises. He's a tall, lanky human, his skin lightly tanned. He is moderately handsome, more pretty boy than beefcake, but what's more striking is his eyes. They have a sense of cunning and calculation behind them; this is a man who has seen some things and does not back down from them. He wears a leather cuirass and striking red boots, and though you see no weapons at his hip, you do see a spell component pouch.

The first thing he notices are his companions, he smiles when he sees Maeni, there was one less woman that he lost. Halfway to his feet, however, he notices something. Something's wrong with the chapel. It's shade is oh so slightly off, like he was seeing it through lightly colored glass. He rubs his eyes, but the chromatic aberration remains. He runs up to the nearest wall, placing his hand on it. His hand remains its appropriate color, so it's clearly not his eyes, so that can only mean one thing.

"No, no, no. Not again..." he says, a sense of defeat in his voice. He slumps to ground, his head in his hands for a few seconds. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and stands, his eyes now filled with clarity. He starts by talking to his crew. "Okay, I see Snips didn't make the jump. If you guys made it, it seems probable that she is alive back in our version. How do you all feel? You obviously don't remember the jump, but are there any other huge gaps in your memories that wasn't there yesterday?"

Once he gets a satisfactory response, he turns to the two... well, he was going to say "new arrivals", but it was his group that were new. Still, he went up to the two of them and introduced himself. "Hello, I am Flair. It seems that you don't recognize us, but that's actually a good sign. Something's weird about this place, and not just in the "There's a fog outside that prevents us from leaving" way you were told. There seems to be many versions of this place running in tandem and it's possible to be swept from one version to the next, which is what has happened to me and my associates." He smiles, with a slightly exasperated smirk

"But other than that, I'm not doing too bad. You?"