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    Default Re: What's Left of the MagCave II: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    The Fourth Floor.....

    A while back, Magtok and Felandria were looking into ways of improving her profile, when Magtok had suggested Felandria dolls.

    These werenít the Felandria plushies that are currently flying off the shelves, but more like offbrand Barbie type dolls, with slightly exaggerated eyes and vacant smile.

    Then he thought that since Fel was trying to be a hero, the dolls should maybe try and help their owners, like cleaning the kiddies rooms while they were asleep, and possibly doing other secret things while the parents were asleep, but the dolls never made it to market.

    Unfortunately, the dolls leftover in the lab werenít shut off entirely, and they started being helpful, by making more of themselves so they could go out and help even more.

    And now about twenty five little plastic Felandrias are marching down the hall in their direction, each one about a foot tall........

    And carrying wands.

    Where the heck did they get those?

    Surely they didnít work, right?

    They only seem to know one word, though...

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