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    Realm: The Kunai Clans
    Ruler: Mure
    Round 20
    160-162 IR

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 4
    Economy: 2
    Intrigue: 4
    Faith: 5

    Expected Stat Bonuses

    * Dip Mil Eco Int Fth
    Starting Stats 1+1 3 1+1 4 4
    Round 19 Dip +1 Eco Int +1
    Current Stats 2 4 2 4 5

    Spoiler: Actions
    [Military - Raise 1 Troop]:

    [Military - Fight Yasei's Rebellion in Kuniumi - 4 troops, Specialization Applies]:
    General: Beta (Mil 9)
    Techs: Prayer Seals (+2 to commander loss rolls)
    +13 to combat, +2 to commander loss rolls, +die size

    With the support of the Clans now fully behind him, Mure sends his packmate, Beta, to oversee the battle with Yasei. While Mure possesses a tactical acumen she lacks he is not used to commanding forces from all of the Clans. She is better able to rally the troops to her, and to bring about a final victory for the pack.

    [Faith - Conversion - Region 80 - Holy Center 1 - Roll (10)]: While Yasei is an absolute travesty of a leader, he did manage to get one thing right in Chojo's eyes; the Marasa Pride have agreed to allow one of the Bomei Clans into their lands. Chojo draws together several of these Kunai, and forms them into a new Clan. They take up residence in [region 80], and (due to their presence in the Rakshasa lands) come to be known as the Tora Clan.

    [Faith - Conversion - Region 49 - Holy Center 2 - Roll (10)]: Mure initially wants to respond to Karys by sending a Bomei Clan, but Chojo advises against it; those in Karys who do not follow the Name mostly consist of Orthodox Perijanists (which the Rakshasa follow) and the Dejanite Cult. Converting either would likely offend one or both powers.

    So Mure decides that the Bomei Clan sent to Karys will settle the west border of Karys, right on the edge of [region 49], and work to convert the Coatl Perijanists there.

    [Diplomacy - Attend Khirus Event]:
    -Trade Prayer Seals for Bani Bowls (Regno - Gengy)
    -Trade Himitsu for Enchanted Arrows (Regno - Gengy)
    -Trade Himitsu for Decentralized Authority (Ti Linnad - Minescratcher)
    -Trade Himitsu and Prayer Seals for Spymater (Serene Marasa Pride - asmodeussnake)
    -Obtain agreement from SMP to support buyout of silver
    -Trade Prayer Seals for Mass Conscription (Karys - QuintonBeck)


    News and Rumors
    -Mure is grateful to know that Karys is still open to the teachings of the True Name. He promises that he intends to send one of the Bomei (those Kunai who have willingly left Kuniumi, he explains) to settle in Karys properly and to see how the two cultures may intertwine, but until Yasei is put down that may take some time.

    -Chojo has been spending a great deal of time with her Rakshasa guard, especially the males. One in particular now carries her in his arms to wherever she asks, whenever she asks.

    -Emissary's retirement is nearly complete. He spends most of his time with his wife and family, and is only waiting on his replacement to come from Kuniumi.

    -The Satsujin have gone very quiet recently; even for them. One must wonder what they are planning...

    Spoiler: Saved Actions Workshop
    Next round
    [Faith 5 - Artifact - Final Moment - +2 to General Loss roll]: A mysterious mirror roughly as tall as an average human man, Final Moment is a potent artifact of Abhidi. When one meditates and looks into the mirror, their flaws are laid bare before them, too plain and obvious to deny. While looking into the mirror for too long is dangerous for one's mental health, it is useful to know one's own flaws; after all, when one is aware of their weaknesses, they can take steps to address them.

    [Faith - Conversion - Region 49 - Holy Center 2] OR [Military - Raise a unit]: The Chojo clan goes on another recruitment drive throughout the lands of Kuniumi, rousing up more young lads to fight for the Kunai clans, if the need arises.

    [Military 5 - General - Battlemaster] OR [Faith - Conversion - Region 80 - Holy Center 1]

    [Economy - Buyout Silver in SMP]: For spymaster tech

    [Economy - Buyout Hlaali Bark]: For exploding arrows

    For later

    [Military 10 - New Tech (probably) - Power Words]

    The holy Enku has a power that even the greatest Wordsmiths do not fully understand. When it is used to write a word upon an object, the properties of the word are imparted to the object.

    Effect: ???
    Slot: ???
    Requires: Enku

    [Intrigue - Investigate - Feather's Asylum - Roll]: Chieftess Feather of the Inkia Clan has escaped justice. She shall not remain escaped for long. Mumei begins looking for hints of where Feather was planning to find asylum from the Avakonian Empire, the Firethorn Regiment and the Kunai Clans.

    Bulk Trade - use two owned TPs to count as any one other TP for techs as long as it was Open
    Voluntarism - Double bonus for an endorsement of a buyout
    Supply For Demand - Bonus when the resource you're buying out is required by one of your territories

    Spoiler: Notes
    Round 18: 4 units (moos' calculations)
    Round 19: 3 (made 1 units, gained 0 units, lost 2 units)
    Round 20: 4 (Coup accepted, now have 4 units)

    Shushan (Gwitna)
    Tensar: Round 6
    Beyis: Round 11

    Emissary (Regno)
    Shinbi and Shinrai: Round 10
    Reijin: Round 14

    Amidasu (Avakonia)
    Dastastia: Round 6

    Shushan Clan (Ruler)
    Appointed as regional governors (daimyo) when Dejan originally conquered the region. Posses most legitimate claim to the region, legally speaking, as well as the most detailed historical record. Experts in court intrigue and assassination. Avakonia loyalists, currently in exile from Kuniumi

    Tensar (Gwitna name - 'tense'): Merchants and traders. Exceptional in dealing with pirates and raiders without a fight. Broke off from the Shushan Clan, relatively new.

    Chojo Clan (Butterfly)
    All-female. More open to foreign influence than other clans. Males born to them are quickly cast out, usually to the Satsujin, Amidasu or to the original father. Specialize in genuine diplomacy and social stealth (appearing harmless and/or exercising authority they do not truly have).

    Yasei (Wild) Uragirimono (Traitor)
    Makes heavy use of animals and elements found in the wild. Members often bond with one particular animal companion for life. Greatest scouts, have a reputation for brutality and individual strength. They are also heavily religious.

    Mure (Pack): Formed from the Yasei Clan in opposition to Yasei's policies of brutality and bloodshed. Value interdependence and competition, on a personal as well as the group level. Bond to animals in a similar way to the Yasei, but many will bond with multiple animals, forming a 'pack' with the Kunai as the alpha.

    Amidasu Clan (to devise)
    Inventors and scientists. Have the greatest wordsmiths. Often use Wordsmithing to hide their identities in plain sight, and will make use of highly unorthodox and unconventional tactics to carry out their designs.

    Satsujin (Killer)
    Ninjas among ninjas. Guardians of Kuniumi, primary concern is the safety and well-being of its clans. All members learn at least some wordsmithing. Experts in stealth and assassination. Members are encouraged to learn the ways of the other clans and incorporate them into their own styles; while never AS good as the original clan, they are good enough to make use their skills.

    Spoiler: Created Techs, CIs, Miracles, etc
    [Military 5 - General - Right Hand - Roll (10)]: Yasei's personal hawk is such a massive morale boost to the warriors of the Yasei Clan that she often goes into battle without her master. Some whisper she actually does a better job than Yasei.

    [Diplomacy 5 - Cultural Identity - The Satsujin - Secret Actions]: The Satsujin are a secretive clan composed almost entirely of Wordsmiths. They do their best work in the dark, hiding from prying eyes. Some might call it cowardly, but not openly. At least not for long.

    [Military 5 - Military Specialization - Yasei Clan (Fighting in Regions w/ 2 Honmyo Centers)]: The Yasei Clan is the most zealous and militaristic of the clans. They will protect the faithful wherever they are found, for that is their mission.

    [Faith 10 - Organize Religion (Honmyo)]:
    "Words will always retain their power."
    5 Centers: +1 to secret actions
    15 Centers: -2 to enemy leader loss rolls
    Most Centers: +1 to random ruler attribute

    [Military 10 - New Technology - Prayer Seals]:
    The true name of a person is impossible to know in full, but it is possible to know parts of it. Many of the True Name believe that by writing a name in Enku upon themselves, the name's aspects within the person are reinforced. This has led to many warriors (especially their great leaders) afixing strips of paper with their own names upon it to their bodies. While this seems insane and ludicrous to outsiders, it is hard to deny that the users of these Prayer Seals are unusually lucky in combat.

    Requires: Enku and Writing Material
    Effect: +2 to leader loss rolls
    Secondary Effect: +1 in battles lead by a General or Primary Leader

    GM: (Armor and Wards slot. Secondary effect is activated with 2 magical writing materials and 2 writing materials of any sort [includes stuff I already have])

    [Intrigue 10 - New Technology - Himitsu]:
    'Himitsu' describes a form of art among the Kunai. It is a way of communicating messages between peoples who have a shared cultural heritage, in a manner that only those with a thorough understanding of said culture would understand. Primarily, this is done through metaphor and comparison in reference to Kuniumi's landscape, or in odd cultural factoids that only one versed in the clans would understand. ("Murderer's rose", "The butterfly is ablaze", and similarly esoteric statements) While this form of cipher is not impossible to break by any means, it is a very low-effort, high-reward way of keeping secrets that can appear perfectly harmless.
    Requires: Writing Material
    Effect: +1 to resist investigation actions

    [Faith - Form Organization - Shushan - 7/8]:

    1 - Intrigue
    2 - Intrigue
    3 - Intrigue
    4 - Intrigue

    5 - Intrigue (QB)
    6 - Faith
    7 - Faith
    8 - Int 5 (Yasei)

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