Asaigh just keeps an eyebrow raised as Magtok goes on and on and on about all the ways he's died. She's sure she isn't lying - she knows a good bit about clones, but not enough to know about anything like shared memories. She just wasn't interested enough in the science behind it to actually try and puzzle out how it's supposed to work. "Er, yeah, that's a real bummer. Got people that have problems with other races back home, too. They're idiots." At least there was something she could agree with. Racism is bad, kids.

Asaigh's eyes can adjust to the lowering levels of light, but there does come a point where there just isn't enough light left for her to see a thing. "Ugh, hold on, I need to..." She pulls a small chunk of crystal from one of her pouches, and strikes it against her book. It quickly begins to glow with a soft purple light - not the brightest thing in the world, but at least she could see now. "There we go. And now..." she lightly tosses the crystal in front of her, where it starts to float a few feet ahead of them. "It's a good thing aether still works the way it does around here, or else I'd be kinda scr..."

She blinks as she sees just what's heading her and Magtok's direction. Were those... dolls? They looked even more lifeless then that line of automatons back home. "So what brilliant idea was this one?"