It seemed fairly well done as such things go. (Even with the best will and GM in the world, PBP combat is a slow, drawn-out affair. In this case, something like 6 months from planning to combat end.)

Wasn't terribly fun for me, but then that's been pretty consistent for Wyn in combat in this game. Throwing a character built to push individuals down the condition track against countless hordes isn't exactly playing to their strengths... Y'can add that one to the list of reasons I'm not too fussed if Wyn stays dead. Gives me an excuse to switch to a party role I enjoy more (and/or will get more use out of)

Honestly, if Jezika and M2-HB hadn't been proposed before I was ready with Wyn (I think, recruitment was a long time ago, even for me!), I would have gone for one of their niches (Face / Heavy Weapons) instead of trying out a sniper build. (Or submitted someone like Eve to be able to cover both.)