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    "Merchandising. Felandria wanted to be a superheroine. I wanted to exploit her superheroics for money. I did exploit her superheroics for money. These dolls didn't make it to the stores, though. Safety issues, I think. Maybe they were choking hazards?" Oh yeah sure, choking hazards. There's an army of them with weird little wand things marching towards you all dead-eyed and ominous, but obviously that's nothing to worry about. No, the problem must be little kids choking on the dolls somehow, even though they don't have any small, detachable pieces. That totally makes complete sense, uh huh.

    "Dismissed, Felandrias. Back to your boxes. Engage sleep mode. Shutdown Code Olympus Gate. Go away please. Help someone else, thank you. Okay, stop. Go. Leave?" Magtok orders the dolls, becoming a little more worried with each failed command, starting to back away and panic around the fifth or sixth failure. He's just making commands up as he goes along, really. He has no idea what he's actually supposed to say to shut these things off. That's what happens when you lose all access to the MagCave's memory databanks, you see. Only the 'important' stuff can fit in a single cyborg's head, and the admin commands for a doll that never even made it to the market...well, I'm sure you can see why Magtok didn't think he'd ever need that again.
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