Status for July 9 to July 15!

The theme was Oh no, not again!!

Lycunadari passes with six nature photos.

jseah passes with 1532 words of AT x HP fanfiction.

Xiander passes with 2018 words of Blind Fate.

Jormengand passes with 2091 words of Mindgames, including the theme, 1412 words of Guilt, and ten drawings of various people.

Subproject54 didn't upload/send me anything.

Some Android didn't upload/send me anything.

Thus Subproject54 and Some Android FAILs this round!

Lycunadari, jseah, Xiander and Jormengand PASS this round!

Current standing:

Current run: 288 weeks
Longest run: -
Themes: -

Current Run: 127 weeks
Longest Run: 33 weeks
Themes: -

Current run: 106 weeks
Longest run: -
Themes: -

Current run: 18 weeks
Longest run: -
Themes: 6 weeks

Current run: -
Longest run: 6 weeks
Themes: -

Some Android
Current run: -
Longest run: 42 weeks
Themes: -

The current theme is Cooperation.

The theme for the week from July 23 to July 29 has not yet been chosen - anyone can suggest one!

The theme for the week from July 30 to August 5 is chosen by Jormengand - let me know here or in PM and I'll include it in the next status post.

Six nature photos.

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Hey guys,

Sorry I've been incommunicado for a couple weeks. Just popped in to let you know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I should have my entries the week after this weekend.

Glad to see you're doing well, keep it up!
I'm looking forward to your triumphant return!