Tog Tordus

Racial Goodness

LG DWK Kobold Fighter4/Swashbuckler1/Kobold Paragon2/Incarnum Blade5/EWM3/Kensai 5

Venerable Dragonwrought Desert Kobold – change type to Dragon, retain subtypes, immune to magic sleep/paralysis. Small - +1 AC, +1 to attack, +4 Hide Darkvision 60ft, lowlight vision. +2 racial bonus to a skill on page 103 (Platinum Dragon +2 Concentration). -4 STR, +2 DEX, +3 INT, +1 WIS, +3 CHA

Draconic Rite of Passage – choose any 1st lvl Sorceror spell, castable 1/day as SLA, CL = Char lvl (Mage Armor +4AC 1hr/lvl)

Wrym of War archetype 1 bonus feat/4HD (fighter or combat-related draconic). Simple/martial proficient, all armor/shields proficient.

Point Buy:
S 14, D 16, C 14, I 12, W 12, C 10
S 10, D 18, C 14, I 15, W 13, C 13
Class changes:
S 12, D 18, C 16, I 15, W 13, C 13

4-DEX, 8-20-STR

18d10+2d6+58+(40) HPs

Dwarven Double Spear

Build Table

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Kobold Paragon +0 +0 +2 +2 Concentration 4, Craft (weaponsmithing) 4, cc-Diplomacy 2, cc-Ride 2, cc-Tumble 2, cc-UMD 2 Dragonwrought Manual Expertise, Tunnel Defense
2nd Kobold Fighter +1 +2 +2 +2 Ride 5, Craft 5 (B) Dodge Spear Focus (Weapon Focus)
3rd Kobold Fighter 2 +2 +3 +2 +2 Craft 6, cc-Diplomacy 3, Ride 6 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dwarven Double Spear) CON +2
4th Kobold Paragon 2 +3 +3 +3 +3 Concentration 6, Craft 7, Escape 2, Spot 1 (B) Combat Expertise Darkvision +30
5th Swashbuckler +4 +5 +3 +3 Concentration 7, Diplomacy 5, Escape 3, Tumble 3 (B) Weapon Finesse -
6th Kobold Fighter 3 +5 +5 +4 +4 Craft 9, Ride 8 Two Weapon Fighting -
7th Incarnum Blade +6 +7 +4 +4 Concentration 9, cc-Diplomacy 6 - Blademeld (crown,feet*,hands)
8th Exotic Weapon Master +7 +9 +4 +4 cc-Concentration 10, cc-Diplomacy 7 (B) Improved Two Weapon Fighting Stunt (Double Weapon Defense)
9th Kensai +7 +9 +4 +6 Concentration 12, Diplomacy 9, cc-UMD 3 Combat Reflexes Signature Weapon (Dwarven Double Spear)
10th Kensai 2 +8 +9 +4 +7 Concentration 13, Diplomacy 12, cc-UMD 4 - Power Surge
11th Kensai 3 +9 +10 +5 +7 Concentration 14, Diplomacy 13, cc-Tumble 4, cc-UMD 5 - -
12th Kensai 4 +10 +10 +5 +8 Concentration 15, Diplomacy 15, Ride 10, cc-Tumble 4.5 Draconic Aura - Resistance, (B) Melee Evasion Ki Projection
13th Kensai 5 +10 +10 +5 +8 Concentration 16, cc-UMD 6, cc-Spot 2, cc-Tumble 5 - Withstand
14th Kobold Fighter 4 +11 +11 +6 +9 cc-Concentration 17, Ride 12 - STR +2
15th Incarnum Blade 2 +12 +12 +6 +9 Concentration 18, Craft 10, cc-UMD 7 Double Hit Blademeld (arms*,brow,shoulder)
16th Incarnum Blade 3 +13 +12 +7 +10 Concentration 19, Craft 11, cc-UMD 8 (B) Two Weapon Rend Rebind Blademeld (throat, waist**)
17th Exotic Weapon Master 2 +14 +13 +7 +10 Concentration 20, Craft 12, cc-UMD 9 - Stunt (Trip Attack)
18th Incarnum Blade 4 +15 +14 +7 +10 Concentration 21, Craft 13, cc-UMD 10 Steady Concentration Blademeld (heart**)
19th Incarnum Blade 5 +16 +14 +7 +10 Concentration 22, Craft 14, cc-UMD 11 - Dual Blademeld (soul)
20th Exotic Weapon Master 3 +17 +14 +8 +11 cc-Concentration 23, cc-Spot 3 (B) Greater Two Weapon Fighting Stunt (Flurry of Strikes)

Misc Build Stuff

2- (B) Dodge: +1 AC vs single target
2- (B) Weapon Focus (Spear Focus): +1 to attack
3-Exotic Weapon Proficiency –Dwarven double spear: no penalty to attacks
4- (B) Combat Expertise: Power attack for dodge bonus
5- (B) Weapon Finesse: with light/rapier/whip/spiky chain, use DEX instead of STR to attack
6- Two Weapon Fighting: lessen penalty by -2/-6 (meaning its now -2/-2 for both)
8- (B) Improved Two Weapon Fighting: gain a 2nd offhand attack at -5
9- Combat Reflexes: Extra AoO/round
12- Draconic Aura – Resistance: grants resistance to elemental damage, 10 at 7th, 15 at 14th, 20 at 20th
12- (B) Melee Evasion: d20+BAB = AC vs specific attack
15- Double Hit: can make AoO’s with both weapons
16- (B) Two-Weapon Rend: if hit w/ both weapons in a round, deal 1d6+1.5xSTR bonus damage
18- Steady Concentration: can always take 10 on checks
20- (B) Greater Two Weapon Fighting: Gain a 3rd offhand attack at -10

Build Explained:
At first level, a DWK enters the game. As a DWK, he’s an example of what a kobold should be, so clearly he’s a Paragon. Unfortunately, we’re not taking advantage of the bonuses to spellcasting, or building upon the skills that Manual Expertise grants us in this build. Rite of Passage however will grant Mage Armor that will scale with the build. Kobold Fighter loses out on 3 bonus feats from straight Fighter, but Wrym of War gives us back 5. Kobold Fighter does however grant Spear Focus, which is essentially Weapon Focus for EVERY spear weapon in the game, and also counts as qualifying for things that require weapon focus (EWM). As the character progresses we’ll pick up +2 CON/STR from Kobold Fighter as well, and push Darkvision out an additional 30ft. Swashbuckler is strictly speaking better overall than another rank in Fighter, it grants full BAB, and a bonus feat. Weapon Finesse doesn’t hurt or hinder this build, but might grant another option if we need to unlimber another weapon if we’re disarmed, options are never bad. Beyond that, a better skill selection, and more points to spend on them for 1 level are also not bad.

6-10: start off both SI’s, and get into Kensai which allows for relatively low cost weapon enhancements up to +5 to our signature weapon, the dwarven double spear. The *’s in the build table for Incarnum Blade represent which ‘bind we’d favor when it becomes available, and ** denotes what will be active full time once it’s available. Power Surge allows a DC 15 concentration check (auto succeed the first time) as a move action, if successful, gain +8 STR for ½ class levels rounds (1-2). Each successive activation is at a +5 DC in the same 24 hour period. Later on pairing this with Flurry of Strikes will negate the penalty from that ability.

10-15 pick up Draconic Aura, granting scaling Resistances, a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks (ki), and replacing the REF save (the bane of all fighters everywhere) with a straight concentration check instead via Withstand. At the point this becomes available, our Concentration modifier is 16 ranks + 3 (CON) +2 racial. Withstand + Draconic Aura essentially means most AoE spells will be outright ignored damage-wise. I laugh at your maximized, twinned, empowered (etc, etc) fireball. Of course, single target spells will then face the resistance. Melee Evasion grants a d20 +full BAB to apply to AC vs any 1 melee attack/touch attack each round while fighting Defensively. Double Hit allows both ends of the double spear to be used on any AoO’s. 13 is our Sweet Spot.

16-20: Finishing off both SI’s as well as picking up Two Weapon Rend, which when both ends of the spear hit in a round deals bonus damage (this pairs w/ double hit!). Steady Concentration means that more often that naught, Withstand will be an auto success REF save (35). (Think Luke Skywalker vs a fleet of Imperial Walkers) Greater TWF grants a 3rd iterative offhand attack. Finishing off we’re at BAB +17/+12/+7/+2 main hand, and -2/-5/-10 offhand (+15/+12/+7). Flurry of Strikes adds another bonus full attack at -2 (as well as all other attacks). Near Diplomancer level of persuasion, and a better than naught chance of using UMD. An additional +5 in weapon enhancements (to each end of the spear imbuing double weapons!) to what will likely be at least a +5 dwarven double spear at this level as well means a whole lot of room for adding bonus damage, or other abilities, to every single attack.

some weapon enhancements from Kensai to use:
+1: Chargebreaker, Corrosive, Magebane, Rusting, Screaming, Shattermantle, Sure Striking
+2: Eager, Energy Aura, Fierce, Metalline, Subjugating
+3: Clouting, Force, Marrowcrushing, Speed, Weakening
+4: Souldrinking
+5: Vorpal


I was raised in one of Moradin’s Temples. My egg was found by an initiate of the Anvil of Creation, and I was raised as one of their own. From birth, I was treated as just another member of the church, perhaps the platinum sheen to my scales led weight to this ideal. I was indoctrinated into the church of course, and took a natural aptitude for tinkering with things, and applied it to the creation of weapons for the church and myself.

Of particular note, my Temple’s guardians all used an exotic weapon known to them as simply a Double Spear. I was trained in its use, and would carry one with me for the rest of my days. Often when an agent outgrew his Double Spear, he would exchange it for a stronger one from the armory. Thus were they able to maintain growing pressure on the enemies of the church.

In time, I was granted leave to myself pursue the enemies of the church beyond our borders. As I stood in the Oath Chamber surrounded by my Brothers and Sisters, I let the sound of the oath wash over me.

“… as you go out into the world, to take the long walk, and bring the law of the church to the faithless and abhorrent…”

It has been many years since I first left home. Word of my deeds has spread throughout the Anvil, and wherever my wanderings take me, I’m never far from home.

Whenever I need a few days of rest, the hammer and anvil call to me, as they did in my youth. There is something magical about the rhythmic work that soothes me.

Anvil of Creation

at level 20, base affiliation score of +15 prior to any role playing applications from leveling up. Perhaps a quest to cleanse a Cold Forge of Moradin might be in the party’s early future, which of course would boost this score dramatically.

Affiliation bonus’s:
Rank 1 (4-12) Initiate of the Forge: 1/day gain +5 land speed for 1 minute
Rank 2 (13-21) Tempered Steel: +1 bonus on saves against chaotic spells and effects
Rank 3 (22-29) Adamantine Shield: Ready a shield as a free action
Rank 4 (30+) Mithral Hammer: 1/day +2 attack/dmg against an enemy of the Church for 1 min. +4 if orc, goblinoid, or giant.


Complete Champion – 7, 152
Complete Warrior – 11, 30, 49
Dragons of Eberron – 31
Dragon Magic - 86
Magic of Incarnum – 121
Miniature’s Handbook - 25
Players Handbook – 38, Feats
Players Handbook II – 81, 84
Races of the Dragon – 39, 43, 100, 108
Races of Stone – 144, 155
Unearthed Arcana - 13 Kobold Paragon : meaning the offhand end of the double spear is considered a light weapon, reducing the original penalties by 2 each (primary to -4, offhand to -8.)