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Does anyone have any thoughts on the VMC warlock, incidentally?
First thing I'd say is that the Paladin Channel Divinity is far too powerful. It easily beats every other Paladin Channel Divinity imo, but it's also better than some of their 20th-level capstones. The ability increases are waaaay too good (and also sort of distant from 5e's design style), and on top of that they gain a bonus to AC, speed, and their attacks/round becomes insane, especially at higher levels. The damage doesn't scale with level, but of course the attacks do, and consider that each attack on a creature's turn can be used to make a grapple or shove, it's way, way above the power curve for nearly any class at nearly any level. Consider the Vengeance Paladin's Channel Divinity: As an action, they get advantage on attacks against one creature. Or the Devotion Paladin, which gets their Charisma to attack and damage rolls. Usually a Paladin's Charisma, especially at level 3, is +2. So the Devotion Paladin gets +2 to attack and damage. Yours gets +2 to attack and damage (Str boost), +1 to every other physical stat, 10% harder to hit, 33% faster, and 1-6 more attacks/round.

That's a huge discrepancy. I'm not too sure what can be done to bring this feature back in line, but personally I'd scrap it and start over; it can be really hard to trim down pieces you like of an ability you like, so for me I usually cut a feature entirely and start over. The tentacles might be good on their own, but combined with everything else it's unreasonably strong, I think.

I would also say that I don't think the Invocations really need to be 3 levels higher. Invocations are the main reason people take Warlock levels anyway (from a minmax perspective at least), and since they don't get their second one until like level 10 (except for Cleric), I don't think it needs further level-gating.

Finally, I would say that Druids should get the Elder Magic feature.