Magtok kneels, pointing his rifle into the distance. "Dolls aren't the problem, I think." He's mostly sure they're not, which is still slightly more sure than he usually feels about things. He's seen a few movies in his lifetime, he knows how this sort of dramatic reveal works. First there's the mob of scary things rushing in your direction, the things you think are the real threat. Defying expectations, they run past you, revealing that they weren't running towards you, but away from something else. That's right about when the real problem shows itself, and everyone freaks out because it's so much worse than the initial mob of scary things could've ever hoped to be.

"Eyes up, in the direction they were running away from. Hold your fire until we're sure it's a threat, and not just a harmless doll-eating fish monster." There's a very small chance some of the things running wild in the MagCave might actually respect and obey a Magtok, after all. It's not terribly likely, honestly, but if there's even a chance there might be a friendly, useful ally in here, we should hold off on shooting until we're sure we're dealing with a hostile. You know what they say about shooting first and asking questions later.