The dolls, as it turns out, are not the problem.

But they helped create the problem.

They just wanted to help, so they got together and made a friend to help them help people.

Unfortunately, they only had practice making other dolls, and their efforts to make a full sized helper went horribly awry.

As the dolls scurry past Magtok and Asaigh, a few of them hide behind Magtok’s legs and one of the dolls tries to hug the flame creature, and this is a bad idea for the doll as it quickly catches ablaze.

At which point it comes around the corner.

There weren’t quite enough parts around to make a full sized Fel doll, but there weresome cyborg materials around, and the dolls used those to finish.......well, almost finish

Feltok looks angry, although that may be the fact that she doesn’t have an entire face, one eye spins around wildly and the eyebrows seem to be crudely drawn on with orange magic marker, because one supposes they couldn’t find a red one.

It spots the pair and snarls