I think this was the exchange in question:
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Wyn gets shut down when she asks about flying the fighters, but she's able to get access to the sims fairly easily; she doesn't even have to try very hard.

Getting into the control tower could prove a bit tougher, as only members of the GT with clearance are allowed in.

What's everyone else doing for the next 8 hours?
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Wyn won't need the control tower for now; Just getting to watch the squadron in the sims will be enough.

Once she's done with the sims, she'll be able to return to the group with a recording of how to launch the fighters; and of the typical interaction between the pilots and the control tower during launch. Which is what she was after, after all.
But the protesters attacking the base cut us off before Wyn could show the recordings to the others... and I'll be honest, I'd quite forgotten Wyn had that recording by the next point she had some free time to play with.