The Sea of Storms - Great Hurricane:

It appeared seemingly overnight; a vicious, permanent hurricane located off the western coast, at the heart of the infamous sea of storms. Its arrival, sudden as it was, was heralded by a single flash of bright green light, a crackling beam which reached up into the heavens, piercing the sky. The thing manifested soon after, nearly a thousand miles long, its enormous presence causing the sky to blacken, turning dark and vengeful. Lightning began to flash soon after, streaking across the black, storm-wrought sky above, illuminating the rotten wooden masts of countless ships below, the creaking wooden pillars reaching towards the sky like the claws of some long-forgotten titan, splintered and worn. The gulls were tossed like paper as the storm began to rage, flashes of white in the grey, tumbling as they struggled against the gale. Beneath them the sea rose as great mountains, anger in the form of water, turbulent and unforgiving. The accompanying roaring of thunder and unfathomably violent wind reverberated across the region, reducing some of the largest wrecks into little more than wooden slivers, displacing countless creatures and wrecks.

However, the sea creatures of the region were not the only victims of the seemingly otherwordly hurricane, for the storm has continued to rage for several days, only ever seeming to expand, threatening to eventually consume all things unfortunate enough to exist in its wake. Periodically, the calamitous spiral tempest has spawned smaller storms, most of which have traveled up and down the coast, bringing torrential rain and hurricane-speed winds to outlying regions, tearing apart coastal villages and ravaging the landscape. These rogue storms have produced enormous waves, the likes of which have never been seen so far inland, which batter and pummel against the white cliffs, occasionally causing large chunks of land to separate and plummet into the depths below, creating whole beaches of debris.