Behold the ibixian, referred to as 'goatfolk' by other races and referred to as 'discount minotaurs' by jaded LA-assigners.

Let's list the features: three (3) monstrous humanoid HD, +4 strength, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence, -2 wisdom, a 1d6 headbutt, +2 natural armor, greataxe proficiency, a racial intimidate bonus, and a useless ability that only does something when multiple people play a goatfolk.

The stat boosts are only slightly better than a water orc's. The other features would make a kind-of okay class if bundled in a single reasonable HD, as they are now playing a goatfolk means wasting multiple HD on very little.

Conclusion: -0 LA. If you are still set on playing one of these guys, try and talk your DM in just dropping the RHD altogether. The resulting racewill be strong, but not overpowered at +0 LA (in fact, I'm not very sure I'd drop a swim speed and access to Headlong Rush for a headbutt and an intimidate bonus).