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It also could be that the Slot A and Tab B parts are the same spell as far as spells known limits go, differing only in the role each plays.
Do you have your heart set on there being two versions (A and B) of the spell, or could it just be the same spell and the casters decide who will play each role during casting?
You are usually a more careful reader than that.

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It is a requirement of the spell, rather than the spellcasting system?
I was thinking the spell, though it might require some house ruling of the system to allow for it.

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So what about something like this?

Rumble and Grumble...
Yes, that's along the sort of lines.

Here's another quick sketch of a combination that I thought of while I was eating lunch.

Level: Sor/Wiz 6
Duration 1 hour/CL (See below)
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: (Total CL)2 miles

With two casters working remotely but in concert, an enduring teleportation gateway is created. The two casters must act together to cast this spell; each one uses a prepared spell/spell slot to do so. The two casters must be within a number of miles of each other equal to the square of their combined cater levels.

When one caster begins, the other must also begin within one round, making some means of coordination essential. Once both casters have begun, the working of the spell itself allows them to continue with all the precision necessary. Casting takes 10 minutes, at the end of which there is a gateway created at each caster's location, which are linked together allowing teleportation in either direction between them for the duration of the spell. The duration of 1 hour/CL is dictated by the greater CL of the two.

The gateway can be made permanent, requiring that separate Permanency spells be cast simultaneously at both ends.

Originally I envisioned two casters standing together doing something that one alone could not, but this example makes sense because what one person can't do is be in two places.