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Beach Party - Bar with Dena

"Sorry Mags, it would seem I forgot my mysterious stranger hood back home and this ain't a tavern." To be fair, she actually had one of those. All gorgons were required to at least owe one. "MERC has its own reputation to uphold and unlike other mercenary companies that have sprung up recently, we don't screw people over with phony deals or demolish ghettos to the ground. We will of course have to decide what kind of law we want to sponsor of course, so if you have any ideas of what would work best with you, give me a clue, 'kay? But otherwise, it would seem we have a deal."
"Alright. I don't have any suggestions or ideas right now, I just don't want to do anything too morally sketchy is all. Once you guys have figured out exactly what you want to do, just contact me by-" Magtok pauses, patting his pockets a few times. Oh crap, we never bothered to pick up a phone, did we? Of all the things to not loot from that abandoned MagMart, jeez...I mean come on, Magtok. You must've known you'd make allies and business deals sooner or later, right? You must've known they'd need a way to contact you that doesn't involve hiking to Mt. Enn and seeing what a dump the MagCave has become. How did you screw this all up?

"Crap, left my phone at home. Just send a courier to the MagCave, and tell them to watch out for wolves. The forest around the cave has grown back and gotten a little wild, so don't send anyone you're not afraid to lose in a tragic wilderness accident." The worst of it is the stuff that's inside the MagCave. We probably shouldn't mention that we've completely lost control over our own home, though.