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    Quote Originally Posted by jqavins View Post
    You are usually a more careful reader than that.
    Whoops, I even quoted it too. Sorry :D

    I quite liked your "caster level squared" idea - very much "a whole greater than the sum of its parts". Here's a quick generalised feat along those lines:

    Dual Magic
    By working in concert with another spellcaster, your combined magic becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

    Caster level 1st.

    Whenever you cast a spell, you may enlist the aid of an ally to cast it as a dual spell. The caster level of a dual spell is equal to your caster level multiplied by the caster level of the ally, to a maximum value as given below. This modified caster level is still subject to any other limits of the spell (i.e. a dual fireball is still limited to dealing a maximum of 10d6 damage).

    Spell Level Maximum Caster Level
    0th-1st 25
    2nd-3rd 100
    4th-5th 225
    6th-7th 400
    8th-9th 625

    The saving throw DC (if any) against a dual spell is increased by your ally's relevant spellcasting ability modifier (Charisma for bards and sorcerers, Intelligence for wizards, and Wisdom for clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers).

    The casting time of a dual spell is increased to a full-round action (or longer, if the spell already has a longer spellcasting time). Your ally must be within 10 feet of you during the spellcasting and must forfeit their own actions as well. If either of you is slain or otherwise incapacitated during the casting, the spell fails.

    Your ally must forfeit a spell slot of equal or greater level than the dual spell, but need not be of the same class or even the same spellcaster type (arcane or divine) as yourself.

    A wizard may select Dual Magic as a bonus wizard feat.
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