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[Beachside - Beach wit' Tina]

"Talking nostalgic isn't sexy?" Reinholdt's hand dramatically grips his chest where theoretically his heart is supposed to be. "If we're talking about me again, I don't know what else I can offer. I'm supposed to be the wizened, old, retired adventurer after all." Doesn't look old. Sure doesn't act wizened. Barely even retired. His whole life is a lie. "Nowhere near as interesting as a musician. What part did you play? I've been practicing the violin for a few years now. I don't think I'm great but I don't suck completely anymore at least." Requisitioning a magical violin will encourage you to learn how to actually use it.

"Anyways, I guarantee you none of those explanations are actually the correct full truth. People talk like they know things even when they've never studied the subject and just use word of mouth." Like Rein's doing now! "Good to find some place you love though. What did you like more? The people or the places?"
"Wow, yeah, how boring," Fettina scoffs when Rein describes himself with all those nice adjectives. "I played the piano, and sometimes I sang. Maybe I can play for you if you play for me sometime, too." She peers at him over the top of her sunglasses and purses her lips around the straw of her mojito.

"And I love the people, of course!" Tina grins broadly, white teeth gleaming. "The people make the place! And you never run out of interesting people. I mean, that's anywhere, but I even just mean purely aesthetically. I'm a very visual person, you know." She gives him something of a significant look.

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[Beach Party - Bar]

Vivi's explanation gets a blank stare from Lucy. She has no idea what "electric" is. She's kind of taken a lot of this stuff in her stride, but she might not actually be taking in any of the details on the way. Nod and smile and hope no one asks you about things you haven't heard about yet. "That you read words off- oh! Like a book or something? I gueeeess that could work. But I'll admit I'm a little disappointed I have to be up there with you, instead of watching you perform."
Vivi doesn't seem too judgemental about Lucy's apparent ignorance of modern technology. She's only sort of savvy herself! "Well, what if I promise you'll get to watch me perform later, instead? Would that help you be less disappointed?" Vivi asks with a wink.