[Beach Party - Bar]

Electra gives Cass a mysterious smile and finishes the last of her drink.

"Well, then. I'll see if they have anything interesting to sing."

She saunters up to the machine and looks through the selections for a few moments, before finding something she thinks might be appropriate. She takes up the microphone and surveys the crowd before the music starts, spotting Tina at the bar. Oh dear, this might be very interesting indeed. The music starts with a couple of guitar flourishes before starting to pick up, and she gives a quiet vocal flourish just as the original singer did as the music picks up. She taps her foot in time with the beat, nodding her head as well, getting in time with the music, before starting the first verse, her gaze not on the screen, but on the crowd, belting out the lyrics in her clear mezzo soprano. As the song goes on, her whole body gets into it, and she starts moving around, working the stage just a bit, swaying her hips every so often to the beat. She's not trying to overdo it, but she's definitely enjoying herself.