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Thread: "Wizard 20" vs "Fighters 20"

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    Right, I've had a rethink.

    The Setup
    1. The wizard fills almost all of the arena with stone (most likely by summoning creatures that can use wall of stone as a spell-like ability - four conjured dao could do it within a week of constant casting).

    2. The wizard leaves a small pocket in the stone for herself, sealed away from the rest of the arena and only large enough for herself (so that no fighters can appear there). She has a few magic items for air, food, water, etc as necessary, or becomes undead, or casts temporal stasis on herself. She'll be spending the rest of eternity here, ho hum.

    3. There are also 4-5 vertical channels in the stone near the centre of the arena, just large enough so that 200 fighters can fill them without any fighter becoming incorporeal. At the base of each channel is a permanent teleportation circle, set to teleport the fighters into the vacuum outside or into the nearest sun. The wizard has used feats, items, etc to make her caster level high enough to beat any possible spell resistance.

    The Process
    As each fighter appears, he immediately drops down into a teleportation circle (before he can activate an item of flight) and is immediately teleported away to his doom (no save). In this way the channels are perpetually full of falling fighters, and the wizard is safely ensconced in her pocket.

    If it's ruled that the fighters can start with their flight activated, the wizard will have to use summoned creature shenanigans (due to the otherwise overwhelming XP costs) to create 200 individual pockets instead of the channels, each with their own teleportation circle (so that the fighters have to start in contact with them).

    If the fighters' magic items are problematic, the wizard can fill the channels (except the bases) with walls of greater dispel magic, made permanent with the help of limited wish or wish spells. Requires a bit of DM permission but I think it's fair, given that prismatic wall and more powerful spells can be made permanent.
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