Magtok scowls, shooting Asaigh the dirtiest, most hateful look he's given anyone in years. Mommy, seriously? Gods, what he wouldn't give for this to just be a straight-up fight to the death right now. He wouldn't even mind if it ended in his death, just so long as he wasn't dealing with this utter nonsense.

"I'm going to assume you mean Felandria and not me. She's outside somewhere." Maybe still at the Beachside party, maybe at war in Riverside, depending on how the timelines fit together. "If you mean me, then yes, fine, sure. Mommy needs to go downstairs; can you step aside and let her find a working staircase or giant hole in the floor?" Jeez, I hope this isn't anything like how Magtok used to talk to his actual kids. It might explain why none of them ever bothered welcoming him back to the Nexus, though.